WSOP 2023: 18 Italians pass Day 1D on record day, Hellmuth shows in Main Event

record day at WSOP 2023.

The $10,000 Main Eventsurpasses the 2006 record after 16 years and points to new horizons. Thanks one day 1D in an outstanding version and with 18 Azzurri, who secured the transition to day two.

Pierpaolo Lamanna is the best, with the various Mario Adinolfi, Mario Perati, Enrico Mosca, Alessandro Minasi, Walter Treccarichi and many others standing out in the fourth qualifying round.

The usual deserves a special mention Phil Hellmut who, disguised as a circus tamer, managed the classic triumphant entry into the world championship: Dan Cates in a cage and 17 girls by his side to remember the number of bracelets won. Incorrigible.

Let’s look at that in detail.

Main Event: 18 Blues Unleashed

Italy is always the protagonist $10,000 Main Event, at the WSOP 2023. There are 18 Azzurri pocketing the pass at the end of Day 1D and returning for Day 2B between Saturday and Sunday nights. This data leads to 61 The Italians secured a place in the double second day. In the fourth qualifying round is the best of us Pierpaolo Lamanna which puts 216,900 units in the envelope.

Behind him they try to be seen in the mirror Donis Agnelli (157,000) e Diego Daquilio (142,000). Then it’s time for it Perati Muhammad: Super Mario collects 114,700 pieces and sends clear messages to everyone. Excellent performance also for Fabrizio Petroni that starts again at 103,600.

Andrew Rocks At 98,700 chips, it’s just under the 100,000-unit mark. Alexander Minasi And Antonio Scalzi They are back-to-back by 81,100 and 80,600 chips respectively. Umberto Vitagliano He’s always there when Main Event time comes and the Neapolitan finishes with 68,800.

The various players also come to Day 2B Heinrich Moscow (63,000), Mario Adinolfi (50,400), Walter Treccarichi (47,000), Vito Branciforte (41,700) e.g Louis Petrone (32,000). As we always say, at the World Cup there is time and space to gain ground. Therefore, anyone can aim for the comeback in the count.

The Italian count of day 1D

44 Pierpaolo Lamanna 216,900
169 Donis Agnelli 157,000
266 Diego Daquilio 142,000
555 Perati Muhammad 114,700
732 Fabrizio Petroni 103,600
844 Andrea Rocci 98,700
1218 Luca Campagnoli 83,300
1265 Alessandro Minasi 81,100
1280 Antonio Scalzi 80,600
1605 Umberto Vitagliano 68,800
1731 Andrea Andina 64,900
1793 Enrico Mosca Rivoli 63,000
1894 Pasquale Di Ceglie 60,000
2140 Daniel Holzner Italy 52,300
2208 Mario Adinolfi 50,400
2297 Walter Treccarichi 47,000
2464 Vito Branciforte 41,400
2742 Luigi Petrone 32,100

Main Event: Record falls after 16 years

2006 was everyone’s live poker boom year, attested by the prominence of $10,000 Main Event reached the height 8,773 pay. For 16 years this figure was something of a taboo: a totem that could not be toppled and its great shadow jamie gold Champion in this tournament for 12 millions of dollars.

2023 is the year of boom 2.0 of live poker and confirmation comes again from the World Cup. 16 years later, the old record falls while lying in Italy 22.04 from July 6th. Right now comes the announcement on social media from the World Series Of Poker that the $10,000 Main Event in progress just broke the record. At the beginning of the first day there was an overtaking manoeuvre.

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They are currently at approx 9,350 part payer, of it 4,100 only in the fourth qualifying round, but with registrations still open for two levels for today’s day 2A and tomorrow’s day 2B, the number will certainly improve. In short, the thirst for live poker is very strong in Las Vegas WSOP 2023 You will be remembered as the natural watershed between before and after.

In 3.202 Proceed to Day 2B.

Main Event: What a performance by Phil Hellmuth

Like any self-respecting main event Phil Hellmut celebrated his triumphant entry into the world championship. As a circus trainer, he came out with nothing less than a cage in hand Dan Cateswith 17 beautiful models at his side. 17 like the bracelets won The Poker Brat at the WSOP, no later than last Sunday.

However, in addition to the scene, the Palo Alto player was found at the table and bagged 108,500 Chips while Dan Cates raised the white flag just before the dinner break. Remember Hellmuth won 1989 Main Event and together with him we overtake other world champions, which significantly increases the list of world champions that we will see again on the second day of doubles.

Ten will play on Day 2A tonight. Instead, Phil and his colleagues will be back on stage between Saturday and Sunday evenings. Here’s the man who made poker history with the title 2002 Chris Moneymaker (143,100), the 2005 sample Joe Hachem (125,300), the 2016 World Champion Here Nguyen (121,800) and the Legendary Scotty Nguyen 1998 world champion and short with 8,400 chips.

A total of 15 Main Event champions have been promoted and this too is a record of sorts, with the chance to witness a sensational encore or trio as in the case of Johnny Chan.

Main event: 100 years and not feeling them

One of the most interesting points about Day 1D was the presence of Gene Calden: The former war veteran is the oldest player to ever take part in the main event with his family 100 years old. The 1923 class was eliminated on the fourth level when his pair of two bounced off his rival’s straight.

Command the squad Nicholas Rigby Who does another sport in the fourth qualifying round and bag the beauty 408,000 Unit. The first in class has already experienced another deep run in the World Cup, right in Main events of 2019, when he placed 52nd. Impressive leadership advantage.

Suffice it to say that second in the count we find the proportion of women Brittney Stout with 375,500 chips, here in third place Neel Murthy with 323,100. So watch out Chris Hunichen who goes on the trail of the refugees with 321,200. There is also room for in the top ten Matthew Adams that adds up to 307,100.

The Top 10

1 Nicholas Rigby United States 408,800
2 Brittney Stout United States 375,500
3 Neel Murthy United States 323,100
4 Chris Hunichen United States 321,200
5 Carlos Leiva Argentina 318,700
6 Brandon Mincher United States 317,000
7 Jeffrey Weil United States 308,100
8 Matthew Adams United States 307,200
9 Vincent Pistorino United States 306,000
10 Harish Ananthapadmanabha United States 305,400

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