Superstitious review with German Kniep: Never rejoice too soon! The video lesson from the WSOP

Let’s have a nice day today review of superstition. You are ready?

Let’s see how best to behave at the poker table if we don’t want to incur the sneering wrath of luck. The German Andreas KniepPlayer who placed fourth at the WSOP 2023 MILLIONAIRE MAKER NL a few days ago.

A coin from over half a million dollars came for Kniep in a total field of over 10,000 visitors! Not bad you say. What is there to complain about or gripe about?

Well, read on below and watch the video below, which shows us a few (questionable) hands played by the German Four Left… The first thing that catches your eye in the pictures is Kniep’s eccentric looks. With his pink cap does not go unnoticed, as does his own fan base.

Then enjoy his much-anticipated cheer as he calls a nice pair of aces while the hand isn’t closed yet… In the first case, the Germanic cheer comes on the flop with a faceted ace, which turns out to be that in the end Actually winner. In the second case, Kniep celebrates preflop after a tricky play with AA in his hand. This time, however, he’s in for a nasty surprise…

First place: A-5 vs. K-10

The blinds are 1M/2M with a 2M ante. In the first hand, Kniep pushes 11,900,000 preflop with A♣️5♠️ and finds Plesuv’s call with K♥️10♥️ . The dealer dealt an A♥️7♠️2♦️ flop and Kniep erupted in wild cheers! He kneels in front of his fans and screams as if he has already won the coup.

But there are still two ways. Kniep returns to the table and calls: “What do I have to avoid to win?“. And he laughs again. A Q♣️ on the turn provides the thrill… The river is a 9♦️, confirming the doubling and giving the Teutonic Rail a deep sigh of relief. It continues with four survivors still sitting at the Milly Maker final table.

Second place: AA vs. A-2

The second hand is much more amusing and also technically more interesting. Button ribouchon opens to 4sts with Q♣️J♣️. SB’s Kniep calls with A♠️A♥️ (his stack is 25,800,000). Plesuv (with 130M in front) by BB Pusha with A♦️2♦️. The original raiser, Ribouchon, folded, leaving him with a stack of 61,100,000. And here the show begins…

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Kniep stands up, shows his cards to the supporters behind him and at the same time takes a stack of chips and places them in the middle of the table. All this under the call: “Get the cameras out, get the cameras out“.

It comes to a showdown and Kniep amusedly points to his opponent’s hand. His trap has worked great so far. But an 87% chance of winning is not enough to guarantee another 2-up. The most superstitious know well.

Between the laughs, the commentator doesn’t seem very amused. He starts from a diamond-heavy board to punish what he calls a slowroll. The dealer has other plans: He flips a 3♠️5♠️10♥️ flop. Kniep drops to 83%.

The turn is a 4♠️, making a straight for Plesuv! Now the spades would give Kniep a return pass. Instead, the river is a 7♦️, condemning Kniep and allowing the last three to continue playing for the bracelet…

The finale of the event is written, with the Moldovan Plesuv being the first coin to receive over $1,200,000 and of course the coveted bracelet. Kniep can console himself with that best live result his career.

According to The Hendon Mob, the German has around $700,000 in live event cashes over the last six years over the past month. However, for him it was 25th ITM of the series and the third in this WSOP 2023.

Surely, for many, this great opportunity could have been better utilized in terms of the television image it is intended to show. But he deserved the final table and it’s true that he behaved the way he wanted.

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