WSOP 2023: A poker resists the blues in the mini main, there’s also Negreanu in a stellar PLO

We’re still here because we owe it to you according to the report dedicated to the day WSOP 2023 in Las Vegas.

Let’s talk about a few variants and above all about the MINI Main Event, a rich event that already makes you want to experience the mythical and authentic Main Event. We’re already winning prizes in the MINI Main; Here we cheer Giacomo Borin, Mauro Suriano, Mattia Sabatini and Matteo Di Persio after they placed ITM Cosimo Sabatini.

We’re now heading towards the final table of the Mixed Big Bet event (the bubble bursts here, too) and there’s also a field of superlatives to report at the PLO Championship. Negreanu is trying to emulate his historical rival Hellmuth, who has just received his bracelet while Sammartino is out. Here are all the details… See you tomorrow for more results and various updates from Vegas!

possibly 73: Mixed big bet bubble bursts

It starts all over again day 2 this $2,500 mixed big bet event that we canceled yesterday with 146 tables remaining. As expected, the bubble burst with 57 players remaining. The reserve price was $4,021.

Players like Shaun Deeb (49th), Scotty Nguyen (46th) and Ryan Riess (42nd) went one step further. In between the lunch break was exhausted with 48 remaining people. Yuval Bronshtein (41st), Chad Eveslage (38th) and Jeff Lisandro (37th) finished even better.

The last four hands were called and Anthony Zinno he has found a providential duplication that keeps him alive. In 24 Then they packed it up and made an appointment for 2 p.m. local time.

Jon Turner and Michael Noori They all look down on their millionaire stacks. Greece’s Michailidis confirms his great form, finishing second yesterday and third today. Steve Zolotow is in 14th place with 429,000 points. The first coin is worth $190,240!

The top ten of mixed

1 Jon Turner US$1,433,000
2Michael NooriUS1,103,000
3 Dimitrios Michailidis GR 960,000
4 Erick Lindgren US$803,000
5 Jonathan Borenstein $754,000
6 Benny Glaser GB746,000
7 Tomasz Gluszko PL 745,000
8 Hye Park US$719,000
9 Daniel JamesGB714,000
10 Stuart Rutter GB553,000

possibly 74: Let’s look forward to the MINI Main Event

Let’s move on to the new tournaments that started in Las Vegas on July 2nd. Let’s start with day 1 of $1,000 MINI Main Event NL Hold’em! It is very exciting to tell you about this event as it means that the real Main is now imminent…

But let’s go in order and return to the MINI Main, set over three days of 60,000 starting chips and half-hour levels. There were 5,257 entries and 789 prizes totaling $4,678,730.

The first coin costs $549,555 and we have already entered the price zone! In full bladder Steven McCartney He pinned KK and eliminated the unlucky player who couldn’t do anything with QQ on a 3-10-4-3-7 board. Our Cosimo Sabatini As a result, he clinched position 725 for a premium of $1,601.

The last four hands of day e have been called Avneesh Munjal has bagged the beauty of 3,250,000 pieces. James Borin can count on 965,000 stacks! You keep him company Mauro Suriano and Mattia Sabatini.

Blue’s name also appears in the count Matthew DiPersio, which (according to official blogs) was among the shortest at just 51,500. Instead, they ask us to add a zero to the stack! solved yellow. He is certainly one of the 426 survivors and that is the most important thing. It starts again at 10:00 am with blinds of 20/40,000.

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The top ten of the Mini Main

1 Avneesh Munjal IN 3,250,000
2 Liran Betito IL 2,785,000
3 Timur Margolin IL 2,735,000
4 Ramiro Petrone AR 2,715,000
5 Jared Woodin US$2,565,000
6 Joshua Reichard US$2,515,000
7 Sonny Franco FR 2,435,000
9 Daniel Swartz $2,275,000
10 Daniel ShawGB2,175,000

The Italians are still inside

102 Giacomo Borin US 965,000
? Matteo Di Persio 515,000 IT
284 Mauro Suriano GB455,000
396 Mattia Sabatini US$215,000

possibly 75: Outstanding field in the PLO championship

The last live tournament we tell you about is this $10,000 PL Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better Championship. This is a 4 day event with 60,000 starting chips and 1 hour levels. The registration period ends at the beginning of day 2.

It goes without saying that we found big names among the protagonists of the day. Alex Foxen (fresh off the Mini Main) was the final entry for the tally as the last five hands of the day were called up. So far 247 buy-ins have been paid: the goal is to surpass the 284 of the last edition.

Michael Banducci was the best booster back then with 387,500 accumulated tokens. Urbanovich and Maxx Coleman are also in top form. He had time to bag 117,000 for latecomer Foxen.

This is also available at 116 links Daniel Negreanu with 93,000 stacks. It’s very short Joe Hachem with only 10,000 in the envelope. But we could also mention Racener, Obst, Volpe, Matusow, Hastings, Kessler, Monnette, Gross and many others who are still in the running.

On the other hand, other popular names like Eli Elezra, Erik Seidel, Jen Harman and us were eliminated Dario Sammartino! It starts at 13:00 local time from level 11 with blinds 1,000/2,500. Again, it’s time to burst the bubble.

PLO top ten

Michael Banducci 387,500
Michael Wang 364,500
Taylor Fear 361,500
Rob Hollink 353,000
Cliff Josephy 296,000
Dylan Weisman 276,000
Sterling Lopez 261,000
Dzmitry Urbanovich 253,000
Quentin Krueger 240,000

Online Event #12: Deepstack Show

We close with a bracket dedicated to the topic of online. Yes, because the $500 NL hold’em deep stack at virtual tables. And again, there are always a few good names to comment on. For example, Alessandro “HATECASHGAME” Siena and Davide “drogonzizi” Suriano were very well positioned for Italy. But they didn’t make it…

The British dominated at two remaining tables Thomas Hall with 11.5 million tokens. Hall then broke two kapponi with A-10 against poor Kyle Frey, who was eliminated in 13th. Aditya “theflash123” Agarwal bid farewell to Demetrius “DemetriVegas” Campbell, also in 11th place, shortly after.

In the end, it was Thomas “lultaxpayers” Hall who won the day Daniel “DurdyDan512” Marin. The former wins $176,919, the latter $109,348 from 1,754 entries. There were 371 ITMs who shared a prize pool of $1,210,950.

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