WSOP 2023: Negreanu and Mercier for the bracelet! Minasi embarks on a great success in the Colossus

Here we go again! Ready for the second report of the day WSOP 2023 in Las Vegas.

There really are some big names to mention today and some good traces of Italy too. Let’s start again with the 6-handed game that has now reached its final stages. And then we come to the great figures of Event 69. Just mention Riess, Negreanu, Elezra, Mercier, Monnette…

Then some very interesting events started, like the Colossus NL and the $50,000 PLO High Roller. In this latest tournament, Alex Foxen dominates the count after Day 1. Instead, the name of Italian Minasi has surfaced for the Colossus in second overall! With him also other blues. We leave you all the details available so far…

possibly 65: Six left in 6-handed NL

let’s keep going day 3 including $5,000 6-handed NL Hold’em. There were 48 players looking for a final table yesterday, led by a Brazilian couple. And with six left, both Dzivielevski and Garagnani are still in it, but now the situation has reversed: they’re the smallest in the count.

Hungarian Szecsi dominated with 18.6 million chips ahead of Angelina Rich and Weiran Pu. The day ended with Dzivielevski’s elimination of Ian Matakis in seventh place: pocket tens didn’t last against QJ suits on a 2-J-4-6-A board. The winnings are over $153,000 and the first coin is over $938,000. You are playing level 30 with 100/200,000 blinds.

The last six finalists

Norbert Szecsi 18,600,000
Angelina Rich 14,000,000
Weiran Pu 10,475,000
Tyler Cornell 7,475,000
Vitor Dzivielevsky 5,850,000
Pedro Garagnani 4,725,000

The payout

1st – $938,244
2nd – $579,892
3rd – $407,040
4th – $289,819
5th – $209,366
6th – $153,485

possibly 69: Bubble for Harman, inside Negreanu and Mercier

Let’s move on day 2 the $10,000 No Limit 2-7 Lowball Draw Championship. Here we left ours yesterday Dario Sammartino briefly among the holy monsters of live poker. Unfortunately, the hoped-for comeback did not materialize.

The total number of entries has now been determined: 154 for a total prize money of $1,432,300. Jen Harman She was the unlucky player who came out with a full bladder, leaving the final 24 players with a $16,000 reserve prize. Then we lost Jeff Lennon (21st) and Chris Claassen (20th), among others.

At the time of the envelopes, there were 19 survivors with a trio of players above the million-chip wall: Dzivielevski (Yuri, not Vitor), Ko, and Livingston. Still in the running are the likes of Ryan Riess, Daniel NegreanuEli Elezra Jason Mercier or John Monette!

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The last 19 of the tournament

Yuri Dzivielevsky 1,288,000
Young Ko 1,197,000
Alex Livingston 1,137,000
Ryan Riess 792,000
James Chen 640,000
Daniel Negreanu 595,000
Christopher Vitch 544,000
Eli Elezra 484,000
Galen Hall 387,000
Brad Reuben 341,000
Jason Mercier 340,000
Christopher Brewer 309,000
Matt Vengrin 251,000
Ryutaro Suzuki 247,000
Tobias Schwecht 232,000
John Monette 208,000
David “ODB” Baker 154,000
Felipe Ramos 112,000

possibly 70: First flight of the Colossus NL

And we come to the new tournaments that started on June 30th in Las Vegas. Let’s start with that Day 1A from $400 COLOSSUS NL Hold’em. It’s a three-day event with 40,000 starting chips and 40-minute levels.

On Day 1, we counted 7,673 entries for $2,532,090 in prize money. With 1,165 players seated at the tables, hand after hand was played in a full bubble. Fernando Brito with KK defeated Michael Bennett at that critical moment. No way for JJ on a Q-9-5-4-4 board.

Will Kassouf As always, he put on a show before the last three hands of the day were called. In the official census, the names of Chengzu Lai and Alan Chute at the top.

But above all that of Alexander Minasi, Second overall! The blue squad is completed with Mario Niciforo (235,000), Francesco Micucci (225,000), Giovanni Apicella (190,000). We cheer for them among the 962 survivors.

Minasi was second in the count

1 Chengzu Lai US$1,456,000
2 Alessandro Minasi IT 1,415,000
3 Abraham Serrano ES 1,337,000
4 Alan Chute US$1,326,000
5 Yanfeng Wang US$1,250,000
6 Ivan Starostin US$1,228,000
7 Todd German US 1,202,000
8 Olga Iermolcheva US 1,105,000
9 Corey Davila US$1,080,000
10 Nadav Bitton CA 1,074,000

possibly 71: Foxen unleashes high roller PLO

We’re closing with an event for strong hearts: the $50,000 event HIGH ROLLER PL Omaha. Here, too, three tournament days with 300,000 starting chips and 40-minute levels. Registration closes at the start of Day 2, so numbers are not final. Anyway, me 167 In return for payment, 106 entrances could already be demolished last year.

Alex Foxen dominated the first day, finishing ahead of Bulgaria’s Yankov after the last five hands. Between 70 Of course, other big names remain, such as Shaun Deeb (1,014,000), Chance Kornuth (970,000), Freddy Deeb (873,000), Brian Rast (601,000), Ben Lamb (298,000) and Benny Glaser (167,000). Nothing to do about it for Josh Arieh, Jason Koon, Isaac Haxton… We start again at level 13 with blinds of 10/15,000 and run straight to the final table.

The top of the PLO

1 Alex Foxen (USA) 2,868,000 – 191bb
2 Krasimir Yankov (Bulgaria) 1,786,000 – 119 bb
3 Jesse Lonis (USA) 1,460,000 – 97 BC Chr
4 Zeki Soyirgaz (Turkiye) 1,400,000 – 93 bb
5 Michael Heritsch (USA) 1,400,000 – 93 BC Chr
6 Anthony Marsico (USA) 1,378,000 – 92 BC Chr
7 Jeremy Ausmus (USA) 1,291,000 – 86 BC Chr
8 Adam Hendrix (USA) 1,266,000 – 84 BBS
9 Michael Moncek (USA) 1,236,000 – 82 BC Chr
10 Robert Cowen (Britain) 1,187,000 – 79 BC Chr

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