The cards are open: The final table of the Sunday High Roller PKO Spotlight Week was won by Giordano against Basso

Get ready French fries and popcorn, because today we offer you one video playback that will show you at work some of the most respected specialists online from Italian landscape.

In bass You can check that final table with open cards from Sunday High Roller The Spotlight Week Edition was won by Alessandro “ale779” Giordano last night heads up on Riccardo “CrazyRich85” Basso.

A unique opportunity to expand your poker baggage while paying attention to the right details.

The protagonists: Alessandro ‘ale779’ Giordano

The grinder Milaneseas well as the better half of Jade Fangon the Italian expansion of PokerStars has some really stunning graphics.

In 14,698 Giordano collected one from tournaments with an average buy-in of €32.78 benefit from €254,172! His graph is one of those that do light roll your eyes

The protagonists: Riccardo “CrazyRich85” Basso

The Florentine regular grew up under the wing of Emiliano Conti and his nickname has been in our Sunday or series reports for years.

Undetectable on SharkScope, we can bring you the biggest coins cashed by “CrazyRich85” in his online career that started in 2010.

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The protagonists: Guido “POGGIAIOLO” Pieraccini

In addition to the two specialists going head-to-head, there was another very longtime regular at the final table who has likely slowed the pace of online grinding a bit lately.

Let’s talk about Guido “POGGIAIOLO” Pieraccini, who today has a history of 20,501 tournaments at PokerStars with an average buy-in of €43.43 and earnings of €239,815.

Video playback with exposed cards

Here is the video playback: To start playback, just click the mouse over the box.

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