WSOP: Locatelli Dominates The Azzurri In The Warriors Tournament! Gennaro Proscia 8th at Deepstack online

Here we are again, very much ready for the second report of the day dedicated to this topic WSOP 2023. Late tonight at various events in Las Vegas. After all, it’s natural when the pitches are full of players.

Let’s continue from the tournaments of HORSE and Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo, just to name a few variations. Phil Hellmuth was eliminated in the first event just before the televised final table, and ours in the second Treccarichi and fishermen You have found a great ITM. Great protagonist was too Gennaro Proscia in an Ultra Deepstack Online event.

Then some very interesting live events started. Several compatriots were in action Salute to the Warriors NL. Raffaello Locatelli is the best of us here ahead of Bognani and Raffaele Sorrentino. Instead, the star of Michael Mizrachi shines in the 6-handed limit. Here are all the details and charges in the case… See you tomorrow for more news from Vegas, Nevada!

possibly 54: seven to play the HORSE

Let’s start with day 3 the $10,000 HORSE Championship. There were 17 survivors here yesterday (all already ITM) and we still haven’t reached an epilogue! In fact, there are seven survivors with Mike Gorodinsky at the helm ahead of Alex Livingston.

On the very last point of the day, Fuchs managed to double up through Seiver in a hand of Stud Hi-Lo. At 16:00 local time, the game resumes in front of the PokerGO cameras, which broadcast everything with a delay of one hour. Great absence Phil Hellmuteliminated in a hand by Razz against Livingston for 11th.

The last seven

Mike Gorodinsky 3,695,000
Alex Livingston 2,160,000
Brad Reuben 1,930,000
Brian Yoon 1,445,000
Scott Seiver 990,000
Carol Fox 515,000
Christopher Claassen 265,000

The payout

1st – $422,747
2nd – $261,278
3rd – $187,406
4th – $136,649
5th – $101,319
6th – $76,412
7th – $58,633

possibly 55: Flags for Treccarichi and Pescatori

And on we go day 2 of the $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or better. Yesterday we left Treccarichi and Pescatori in search of a flag that actually arrived for both of us! The Sicilian Walter Treccarichi He finished 48th for €3,027. He got even further Max Pescatori: He placed 31st for $4,681.

Without him, the race for the final table continued. Shaun Deeb He was last of the day, finishing 19th after a hand against Scott Numoto. $5,630 went to Deeb and the day ended with 18 players remaining.

Master the count Qibang Cheung with 1,805,000 stacks. Big names like Mike Matusow, Brian Rast and Marcin Horecki are even further behind. There is a first $155,275 coin up for grabs.

The 18 remaining players in the tournament

Qibang Cheung 1,805,000
Kao Saechao 1,250,000
Patricia Yannuzzi 1,240,000
James Juvancic 1,185,000
Kyle Hinnerich’s 1,175,000
Michael Estes 1,120,000
Mike Matusow 890,000
Brian Rast 870,000
Jose Paz Gutierrez 815,000
Denny Axel 755,000
Scott Numoto 665,000
Timothy Frazin 650,000
Sergio Graga 560,000
Marcin Horecki 445,000
Ahmed Mohammed 275,000
Darryl Ronconi 210,000
Lonnie Heimowitz 210,000
Chris George 145,000

possibly 56: WSOP Warriors Tribute

We come to the new tournaments that started tonight in Las Vegas. Then here is the day 1 of $500 HEALTH to Warriors – NL Hold’em: This is an event whose purpose is to raise funds for the USO and other veterans’ organizations. The tournament extends over three days; There were nine 40-minute levels to register (with re-entries) and 50,000 starting chips each.

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With 4,303 entries, the prize pool was $1,936,350. And we’re as close to the bubble now as they are 654 I left with 646 expected ITM. The reserve price is $800 and the first coin is worth $217,921 by the way.

Ariel Silveira Celestino and Kyle Miholich secured millionaire stacks at the end of the day. Other survivors include Vladas Tamasauskas (685,000), Austrian Samuel Mullur (618,000), Kenny Hallaert (239,000) and Barry Greenstein (145,000). No way for Ryan Riess, Benjamin Rolle, Samy Boujmala, Bart Lybaert, Maria Konnikova, Perry Friedman or Chris Da-Silva.

Above all, we are interested in the tests of the Italians! A large Raphael Locatelli Sack 613,000 and he should be the leader of the blue troops. Then they are also in bad shape Marco Bognani and Raffaele Sorrentino, followed by Vito Branciforte. We hope to place ITM also Michele Guerrini and Enrico Mosca without any problems. Instead, Mattia Festra, Andrea Rocci and Antonio Scalzi were arrested. It starts again at 10 local blinds 6,000/12,000 in level 18.

The top ten of the event

1 Charlemagne Benjamin US 1,300,000
2Ryan Eriquezzo US$1,216,000
3 Kyle Miholich US$1,121,000
4 Dylan Lemery US$1,062,000
5 Antonio Ruelas US$1,053,000
6 Ting Yi Tsai TW 1,004,000
7 Nicola Tassone CA1,002,000
8 Jason Pedigo US$942,000
9 Prashray RaiUS 850,000
10 Viakret Ete Puiel AR 846,000

The Italians in the count

69 Raffaello Locatelli IT 613,000
143 Filippo Solieri US$476,000
319 Luca Campagnoli US$270,000
351 Marco Bognani IT 250,000
354 Raffaele Sorrentino IT 248,000
424 Vito Branciforte IT 204,000
515 Michele Guerrini IT 153,000
546 Enrico Mosca IT 135,000
609 Sicilian Marco CH 88,000

possibly 58: Mizrachi great in limit

We’ll end (as far as live tournaments go) with that day 1 of $3,000 6-hand limit hold’em, a three-day event with 40,000 starting chips and hour-long levels. After eight rounds, registration closed with 263 entries and $702,210 in prize money. There are 40 ITMs in total with $165,250 initial coin.

Gregory Josephson and Daniel Maczuga accumulated impressive stacks by the end of the day 115 survivor. Above all, the big names stand out Michael Mizrachi (top ten with 163,000), Maria Ho (126,000) and a close Joe McKeehen (34,500) in the final count. Also included are Benny Glaser (83,000) and Japan’s Ryutaro Suzuki (87,500).

Out of the game are Koray Aldemir, Kristen Foxen, Shimizu Nozomu, Robert Campbell, Brian Hastings and Pedro Marques. It starts at 13:00 local time from level 11. The blinds are 1,500/2,500 and the bubble should burst on the second day.

Limit’s top ten

1 Gregory Josephson US$241,000
2Daniel Maczuga US$217,500
3 Kyle Dilschneider US$194,500
4 Andrew Barfield US$184,000
5 Matthew Mortensen US$177,000
6 Justin LapkaUS176,500
7 Dan Shak US 175,000
8 Yingui Li CN 168,000
9 JJ Liu US$165,000
10 Michael Mizrachi $163,000

Online Event #10: Proscia 8th at Ultra Deepstack

The very last bracket is dedicated to the $400 NL Ultra Deepstack online event that we were a part of Gennaro “L4Vid4EsUn4” Proscia. The tournament had 1,810 entries and 1,091 rebuys for a total prize pool of 1,044 million.

After reaching the final table with a healthy stack, Gennaro Proscia fell short of 8th place and cashed $16,292. Play at the table continued without him, with several household names in the running.

Kevin Calenzo finished fourth after an unlucky run with A-3 against Richard West’s JJ. David Uvaydov turned AQ for third place to Ryan Eriquezzo’s 9-9. So West and Eriquezzo fought for the gold bracelet… It was the winner Ryan “GoFeltaFish2” Eriquezzo! At the very last point, his 6-6 pair held against K-9 on an AAQA-5 board.

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