WSOP 2023: Musta among the 9 promoted in the maker blues, treccarichi and pescatori turn on the variants

An intense and very profitable night for the Azzurri who has just spent WSOP 2023.

Nine Italians who pass the ribbon cutting, on day 1B of $1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER No Limit Hold’em: on the day of the paying super record, Mustpaha Kanit is among those who sever the pass for day 2.

Excellent performance also for Walter Treccarichi And Max Pescatori who shine on day one of the $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better: 98 eliminations before the bubble bursts, but hopes are high.

From our compatriots among the seniors, with Billy Baxter Reaching Day 4 with 29 left and dreaming of the eighth bracelet of his career.

Let’s look at that in detail.

Event #48: Martino and Fantini are in the money in the seniors

On the fourth day, no Italians will take part in the race $1,000 SENIORS No Limit Hold’em Championship. On Day 3 there are no appeals against the WSOP 2023 as the last two blue strongholds are eliminated in prize money. Paolo Fantini is the first to leave 161 in exchange for 5,931 Dollar.

Fiodor Martino Instead, he holds a few more levels, but then drops back to 67th place 11,345 Bills. There are 29 landing on the second day and leadership of operations is in the hands of Gordon Eng with 15.9 million. Beware of a living legend like this Billy Baxter With 6.4 million, he is aiming for the eighth bracelet of his career.

The Top 10

Gordon Eng United States 15975000
Lonnie Hallett Canada 15300000
David Stearns United States 10575000
Amin Mostafavi United States 10525000
Jamie Baker Canada 9700000
Ron Fetsch United States 8700000
Billy Baxter United States 6400000
Rudolf Fourie South Africa 6000000
Loren Cloninger United States 6000000
David Thompson United States 5675000

Event #51: Savakinas and Tanaka win the tag team

The course will be completed in $1,000 TAG TEAM No Limit Hold’emat the WSOP 2023. The pairing of Michael Savakinas – Satoshi Tanaka achieves ultimate triumph for $190,000 after a final day of no discounting. Eighteen teams returning to relegation for the title without a blue team after Day 2 eliminations.

The payout

1 Michael Savakinas – Satoshi Tanaka United States $190,662
2 Vincent Moscati – Tanner Bibat United States $117,872
3 Jonah LaBranche – Dustin Wills United States $85,040
4 Rickey Evans – Roberto Valdez United States $62,090
5 John Ventre – Kenneth Gallo United States $45,884
6 Marcus Stein – Amber Donatelli United States $34,326
7 David Williams – Theo Tran United States $26,000
8 Carlos Inukai – Emmaniel Avila United States $19,942
9 Justin Pechie – Ronnie Bardah United States $15,492
10 Ramon Kropmanns – Jessica Serial Brazil $12,190

Event #52: Nick Pupillo is happy in mixed

The second bracelet was assigned to me the night that just passed WSOP 2023. Nick Pupillo will take care of the production Mixed triple draw lowball worth $2,500 for $181,000. For the American player, who is clearly of Italian descent, this is the first exchange of blows in his career. Nick outlasted the competition of 352 opponents.

Final table payout

1 Nick Pupillo United States $181,978
2 Ryan Moriarty United States $112,472
3 Aaron Mermelstein United States $74,545
4 Tomomitsu Ono Japan $50,608
5 Hye Park United States $35,212
6 Brant Hale United States $25,126

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Event #53: 9 Azzurri pass Millionaire’s Day 1B

Italy at full throttle, in $1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER No Limit Hold’em, at the WSOP 2023. Nine compatriots to pass Day 1B and that means we’ll have 19 blues by the start of Day 2. The best of the squad is Maurice Saiva which is rising sharply with 253,000 pieces.

Biagio Morciano stands out with 140,500 units, with Alessandro Esposito inflating his envelope with 84,000 tokens. The same as Mustapha Kanit: The spearhead of Italian poker is in the middle of the fray, waiting to strike the decisive blow. Cosimo Sabatini And John Spataro They are just behind with 74,000 and 65,000 chips respectively.

They complete the blue count Gennaro Proscia (53,500), Alexander Minasi (52,500) and Alessio Sabatini (39,500). Additional to that Roberto Begni: Swiss passport but face always present in the Italian group. For the Swiss there are 60,000 chips. The tournament now has a new record number of paying players.

On Day 1B they were 5,851 The entry and thus the payout balance of 2019, when over 8,000 players took part in the event, is pulverized. Four years and a pandemic later is the purchase amount 10,436 This confirms the great thirst for live poker that exists in Las Vegas.

That number translates to a net prize pool of over $10 million, with the payout officially announced when hostilities resume: More than two thousand players will return to the zone for relegation.”in the money“.

The Blue Count

Maurizio Saieva Favara 253,000
Biagio Morciano 140,500
Alessandro Esposito 84,000
Mustapha Kanit 84,000
Cosimo Sabatini 74,000
Giovanni Spataro 65,000
Gennaro Proscia 53,500
Alessandro Minasi 52,500
Alessio Sabatini 39,500

Event #55: Treccarichi and Pescatori advance in the seven card

Our very long report about WSOP 2023 It is completed with two more Italians trying to take the stage. Walter Treccarichi And Max Pescatori (eliminated from the championship) withdraw the pass for the second day $1,500 Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or better.

The Sicilian does this by putting 119,500 units in the envelope, while the “pirate” reaches halfway with 73,500 units. In the tournament took part 566 Players, 183 of whom reached halftime. You are missing exactly 98 Eliminations when the bubble bursts, with 85 positions “In the Money”: minimum money of $2,421 and first coin of 155,275 Dollars are waiting for the new champion.

The top 10 from day 1

1 Eric Rodawig Omaha, NE, USA 234,500
2 Kevin Cote Avon, CO, USA 187,000
3 Constantine Zdanowich EL SEGUND, CA, USA 186,500
4 Qibang Cheung GB 175,000
5 Michael Estes Chicago, IL, USA 173,000
6 William Buckley PHILLIPSBURG, NJ, USA 164,500
7 John Esposito Las Vegas, NV, USA 163,500
8 Ivan Schertzer MIAMI SHORES, FL, USA 161,000
9 Rafael Concepcion Las Vegas, US 155,500
10 Kao Saechao Portland, WA, USA 155,000

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