WSOP: Halatenko dominates in PLO, Tantillo is the best blue in Milly Maker NL

Here we are again, ready for the second report of the day dedicated to this topic world series from Vegas. We’re about to juggle different variants with events 50, 52, and 53.

Let’s start again with PL Omaha, where theUkrainian Stanislav Halatenko dominated the heat of the final table on Day 3. There are now 19 survivors in the mixed triple draw, where Mizrachi and Monnette resist.

And we’ll end with Millionaire Maker NL giving away one million dollars to the winner! Here in the official census, at least eight names of Italians who managed to capture them have appeared. The The Sicilian Fausto Tantillo is once again the protagonist. To you all the details and facts of the case… See you tomorrow for more news from Vegas and other updates from the WSOP 2023.

possibly 50: Halatenko dominates the PLO championship

There were 42 players left in this game yesterday $10,000 PL Omaha Championship where his final table was covered day 3. The unofficial was formed with nine all-rounders; After the elimination of Dimitar Danchev (by Ren Lin), the official final table was also set.

The Ukrainian player Stanislav Halatenko He was the ruler of these phases: think he presented himself with over 17 million chips versus the 8 million of the eight left-handed second. Ap Garza. When the first coin had $1,309,232 up for grabs, Ren Lin was the first to say goodbye thanks to Garza. The killer himself played against Kosei Ichinose.

Halatenko raised even further to six remaining with 18.7 million pieces, Pearson’s 8. The day then ended with the last five survivors. Needless to say, Halatenko is in charge, having reached almost 20 million tokens. Will he be able to wear the bracelet on his wrist on Day 4? We’ll find out in a few hours.

There are 5 left

Stanislav Halatenko 19,750,000
Travis Pearson 8,550,000
Pengshan 6,800,000
Arthur Morris 4,875,000
Ap Garza 3,775,000

The PLO Payout

1st – $1,309,232
2nd – $809,167
3rd – $570,307
4th – $407,915
5th – $296,154

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possibly 52: in 19 in mixed triple draw

Let’s move on day 2 from $2,500 Mixed triple draw lowball, where the bubble burst at 53 left and there are now about twenty survivors. To be precise, 19 players remained alive after ten hour-long levels and the last two hands of the day. All have an insured amount of $6,948 and bet on a bracelet of $181,987. Master the count Nicholas Pupillo Before Tomomitsu Ono. Further back, names of great champions stand out, such as Robert Mizrachi or John Monette.

The last 19

Nicholas Pupillo 1,505,000
Tomomitsu Ono 1,235,000
João Vieira 1,040,000
Brant Hale 1,000,000
Oscar Johansson 910,000
Robert Wells 850,000
Hye Park 810,000
Anatoly Zyrin 800,000
Ryan Moriarty 640,000
Divakaran Marella 530,000
Andrew Brown 510,000
Robert Mizrachi 500,000
Gennady Shimelfarb 420,000
John Monette 410,000
Ray Henson 405,000
Matt Vengrin 400,000
Aaron Mermelstein 225,000
Nicholas Marsico 155,000
Cary Katz 135,000

possibly 53: The Milly Maker NL has begun!

We close with the first flight of an event that always makes us dream: the $1,500 MILLIONAIRE MAKER NL Hold’em. The event extends over five days and promises the winner a guaranteed millionaire grand prize! The starting stack is 25,000 and each level lasts an hour. After eight rounds, the late round ends and there is also the possibility of a re-entry.

There were 4,585 recordings in the Day 1A for $6,120,975 in prize money already collected. The Canadian Nicholas Basil He impressed everyone with his stack of 480,000 chips among 1,012 survivors. We’re talking about a player who has three WSOP rings in his career but no bracelet yet. But in front of him the names Yong Yi and Sihao Zhang actually appear.

Notable past names include Jeff Platt (206,500), Jason Wheeler (184,500), Ryan Leng (174,000), Kristen Foxen (127,500) or Jessica Teusl (90,000). Or the former world champions Martin Jacobson (169,000) and Ryan Riess (42,000).

Most importantly, we’ll soon have plenty of blues to offer! The usual Fausto Tantillo leads the Italian force with 283,000 pieces. They are in good shape too Luigi D’Alterio and Davide Muccini. Peciarolo, Terziani, Agnelli and the others are at the bottom of the count. The million dollar dream is still alive for everyone! It repeats from 10 a.m. local time with day 1B. The start of Sunday Day 2 is also set at 10am.

The top ten from Day 1A

1 Yong YiUS750,000
2 Sihao Zhang LU 725,500
3 Nicholas Basilica CA 480,000
4 Peng Li $460,000
5 Paul Gunness US$430,000
6Ryan DoddUS414,500
7 Alex Greenblatt US405,500
8 Osman Ihlamur TR 392,000
9 Lawrence Beach US$361,000
10 Jamie Rosen US$357,000

The Italians have already passed

29 Fausto Tantillo IT 283,000
216 Luigi D’Alterio IT 158,500
360 Davide Muccini IT 125,000
379 Zlatin Penev IT 120,000
523 Fabio CoppolaUS 91,500
600 Alessio Peciarolo IT 81,000
615 Stefano Terziani IT 78,500
653 Donis Agnelli IT 73,000
856 Daniel Holzner IT 46,500
957 Jacopo Brandi IT 32,000

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