WSOP 2023: the successes and failures of week three

Between Noise of chips and ceremonies of awardsweek three of the 2023 World Series of Poker has also been archived

Let’s see who they are player that for the better or for the better bad, for better or for worse, they excelled in it seven days.

UP: Jans Arends

Jans Arends

The legendary grinder online ‘Graftekkel’ left that Sign. After third place “Warm up” al 50,000 high rollers The WSOP was won by the “new Fedor Holz”, 22-year-old German Leon Sturm, Jans Arends He clinched the 100,000 High Roller title in a very high final table profile.

A few days later, Arends tries again 250,000where he was eliminated in 50th place with a crisp pair Axles moved all-in pre-flop from the opponent’s ace kappa. A case which is less than 7% of the time, as we can see on our odds calculator.

But have played tens of thousands From online tournaments, the Dutchman knows that the variance gives, which takes away the variance (and vice versa), takes it philosophically and goes for a drink Beer.

UP: Shaun Deeb

Shaun Deeb

Two years after the last braceletwon the 25k PLO High Roller, Shaun Deeb chose the sixth Career WSOP title at $1,500 eight game Mixtures 6-Max.

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Mostly American The fact that he had stated that he wanted to surpass Phil Hellmuth is a further step Approach. Above all, it marks that victory a bet with his friend Joshua Arieh: After the fifth bracelet of the POY WSOP 2021 at Championship Limit, Deeb had declared that he would do it stopped Playing poker if Arieh wins sixth in front of him.

In the head to head After winning the final of the tournament, Deeb had his own stake in the opponent fan more eager.

BELOW: Martin Kabrhel

Elimination of Martin Kabrhel

Be participation She failed at the 250HR final table unnoticed and certainly not inside positive. The standards of the Czech Martin Kabrhel: stand up from the table in hand, Approach to opponent’s cards and stacks to examine them intensively, Trash Talkare like there’s no tomorrow. An experience for the other eight abominable. Can be summarized with something unprecedented: DanSmith eliminates whoever leaves the table wishing it Opponents of “Bustare”.

cherry Kabhrel landed on the cake Investigation by the organization of the World Series, which stands detection serious allegations in his comparisonsbut it’s still too early for that talk about it.

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