Open cards: Enrico Camosci at Sunday High Roller SCOOP final table with Cimbolas, Puustinen and “flerrehuve”

Prepare a good stock French fries and popcorn because the video playback What we are going to show you today is a beautiful, elongated specimen, although it has been reproduced speed 120%.

can offer a thousand ideas to learn, provided you borrow Attention to the right details (these). In the video below book page In fact, you can see the game a open cardsas well as our Enrico ‘WhatisL0v3’ Camosci, also by online specialists of absolute level like that Lithuanian Matas Cimbolas, the Finnish Enri Puustinen e the unknown and (also a bit for that) legendary Swedish “flerrehuve”.

The protagonists: Enrico Camosci

The Blue Grinder has been living in Malta for years, where he is confronted with the strongest regular players on the international online poker platforms on a daily basis.

Camosci took center stage at PokerStars’ last spring online poker championship one second Location, two-thirds places and a fourth place in four final tables played what allowed him close The series online with a beautiful positive about 63 thousand Dollar.

In 2020, the Bolognese won the bracelet at event number 50 of the WSOP onlinea No Limit Hold’Em Bounty Championship by $2,100 the buy-ins.

The protagonists: Cimbolas, Puustinen and the others

The opponents that our Enrico faces in the final table below are, as mentioned, tournament players at the highest level, and not only online.

Lithuania’s Matas “bebaimis777” Cimbolas, for example, has more than five million live tournament earnings to his credit. There are also the Austrian Claas “ssicK_OnE” Segebrecht, the Finn Henri “buttonclickr” Puustinen and the English Andy “BowieEffect” Wilson and Ryan “Moca Choca89” O’Donnell.

The Swedish “Flerrehuve” deserves a separate discussion, whose identity is still unknown despite the incredible results that led him to this graph:

bonus comparator

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The graphic of ‘flerrehuve’ (click to enlarge)

Payout Final Table

Here is the payout of the final table, necessary if you want to deal with some spots from the point of view of the ICM. The tournament was in a progressive KO format: in the video footage below, the bounties hanging on each player’s head are shown below the avatar.

2. $40,605
3. $26,637
4. $20,238
5. $15,375
6. $11,681
7. $8,875
8. $6,742
9. $5,601.88

Video playback with exposed cards

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