“Off the table, he was like a puppy!” The lesser-known side of Brunson remembered by Jennifer Harman

In this edition of the World Series Of Poker, the “ghost” of Doyle Brunson roams the halls of Bally’s/Paris, and not just for them celebratory banner his victory main event (bottom photo).

The I remember of ‘Texas Dolly’ is still alive overall poker player who saw in him a Legend life of the game and a Example Consequences.

For those who have known up close, and often he has crossed at the green table Departure it was even more heartbreakingas he said Jennifer Harman to the folks at PokerNews who are bringing it to light sides of personality Doyle’s smaller known.

“The WSOP is always cool.”

A veteran poker player, Harman has two WSOP bracelets, both won at the inaugural WSOP venue, Binion’s Horseshoe in Downtown Vegas.

“When the WSOP was played at Binion, there was a really cool atmosphere,” says the blonde. “Now things are different, the atmosphere is always cool, but it’s something different.” It’s not like it used to be, all in a small room that not only the players but also the staff had to enter. But it’s still very cool, poker is still very popular, so that’s a good thing.”

“More Than A Father”

On day one of Championship PLO, Harman was approached by fellow PokerNewsers about a reminder about Doyle. After the death, Jennifer had named “Texas Dolly,” more than just a father to her. His words are alive:

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“Damn it, you know, Doyle is a true poker legend. It’s amazing that he’s been able to play poker his whole life and that he’s lived through every era of poker except perhaps when Wild Bill Hickok was killed (ed, for obvious reasons he died in 1876!) But he’s seen people being executed at the table and all that stuff from the past before poker was a respectable game and playing poker was recognized as a respectable profession. Doyle had countless stories and he wrote many of them in his autobiography, so there is a lot of him to remember. It’s something special”

Doyle’s soft side

Harman says he will always remember the poker legend for her softer side: In fact, when Doyle still had cards, his kind soul was one of his:

“When we were at the poker table, we competed, but when we weren’t at the table, Doyle was like a marshmallow puppy. Getting a hug from him was great.

And it’s also thanks to Doyle’s teaching on the relationship between poker and family that Harman will avoid taking sides to play for money at Bobby’s Room during this WSOP:

“I’m not going to play Bobby’s Room because it’s a 3,000 and 6,000 blind game and I don’t want my kids to have to live in a car — laughs Harman — but I’ll definitely be playing cash games at Aria and Resort World little ones.” , longer ones, small ones that enable me to have a stable family life with my children.”

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