Advice from Adrian Mateos for your first trip to the WSOP in Las Vegas

As long as you know how, never forget your first visit to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker Relocation or it can literally become one nightmare.

In the seventh WSOP overseas trip, on his blog lo Spanish Adrian Mateos renounced some Advice useful to avoid this misfortune hypothesis.

The prestige of the World Series

The Iberian super professional says that the Period the WSOP lasts for him this year 50 days and rented one home together with fellow players/friends, “so we can share moments, experiences, meals and big laughs together”.

Mateos is very motivated and at the same time excited about the hunt for his fifth personal bracelet, where he will compete with the best in the world:

“If there’s one thing I love about poker, it’s the competition and competing with the best. And if there’s one event of the year that brings together the best players in the world at its tables, it’s the WSOP.”

Where to sleep, where to eat, how to get around

Regarding the accommodationMateos acknowledges that since moving to the stripes There are more ways to stay close by series. For those who stay a few days and don’t want to spend “The best option is to look for a hotel a little further from the strip (there are many options just a few meters from Bally’s).”

If instead is the living room extended Spanish recommends finding one Apartment together with some friends to make the experience more “authentic”.

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From the perspective of Eatfor Mateos, things have improved with the transfer on the World Championship of Poker Strip:

“You can eat without spending a fortune or choose menus at astronomical prices, you decide. Certainly eating out in Vegas has been taking a toll on my budget lately due to inflation as prices have skyrocketed. That’s why the apartment is a very interesting option: you can shop at the supermarket and cook while minimizing the cost of meals.”

On the movement front in Las Vegas, Mateos is advising residents Neighbor to the strip to get around by taxi or Uber. For those who live longer removed Instead, a car is better Rental.

“Prices are very affordable in the US and contrary to what one might think, parking wasn’t a problem during last year’s WSOP, parking at Paris-Horseshoe is very easy.” In the house we rented we have three cars that we can team up with and drive to the strip if we need to play.”

money and climate

Mateos advises against transferring large sums of money in cash to pay for tournament buy-ins: Anyone found at the US border with more than $10,000 in cash will be charged with tax evasion.

“You need to find out the details of the casino you want to play at and transfer the money you want to use via bank transfer, same at the end of your stay.” This is also the safest way to transfer your money and later ” to avoid “anxiety.”

Finally, the Spaniard advises to always have it with you warm clothing and a small set of them emergency department.

“You will be in the middle of the desert and could be walking in the blazing 40+ degree sun but don’t be fooled, bring warm clothes! I don’t recommend going to Vegas casinos without wearing at least one long-sleeved shirt. Americans love air conditioning very much and if you are unfortunate enough to have to play under the vent I can assure you you are going to have a bad time. It’s also good to have a small first aid kit in your backpack so you can relieve a headache or minor ailment if you need it.”

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