In the room where Phil Hellmuth rests during WSOP breaks

For the pros, the World Series Of Poker is something very special Marathon. Create carve out of moments of Relaxaway from the pressure Money and from rage of the game it is fundamental expressing the best of yourself green tables throughout the event.

He knows well Phil Hellmut. In this edition of the WSOP, the 16-time bracelet winner has one private room inside the horseshoe it goes into relax during breaks tournaments.

THE Colleagues from PokerNews accessed it Condition: “You don’t have to tell where the room is, I really don’t need to hear some fan knocking on the door to get an autograph while I’m trying to rest,” joked Phil.

signed clause of confidentiality, here you are Room in which Hellmuth recharges his batteries breaks the World Series Of Poker tournaments.

“That’s my idea”

First, Phil Hellmuth makes that clear the idea have a room in which relax During the breaks, the WSOP is all hers.

“I was the first to have this idea, then Daniel liked it and he followed me.”

The reference is to mobile homes by Daniel Negreanu parked from the Rio before le WSOP would change Property. A year Negreanu He opened the doors of his house to us go.

“After two years, I got bored and told myself enough was enough, so I asked for a room at the Rio, put a bed in it, but then never really used it,” Hellmuth continues. “So in the years that followed I didn’t ask for it,” and it was like that for eight years. Then, when the WSOP moved here, I felt the need again for a place where I could disconnect from others. Now I come here during the hour dinner break to get a 45 minute sleep.”

A normal room

Don’t think so rest room von Hellmuth is a place of refuge pharaonic: The measures are 3.5×2.5 meters, so it has one surface little less than nine Square meters.

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Inside are a small table for snacks, a Refrigerator for drinks and a small bed.

As shown in the picture, Hellmuth keeps bananas, cheese, Fijian water and coconut water cool in the fridge. For the 16 times with bracelets, hydrate Well, while the World Series is on fundamental:

“Every day I have to drink at least four and a half liters of water!”

The midget bed

But the main thing is to look at it Bed in which rests Hellmuth, the le accusations circulated about it on social media Treatment reserved for the favor of organizer to the “Poker Brat” Forgiveness of Foundation, endowment.

As the PokerNews colleague also notes, for i two metres The bed is decided by Hellmuth height undersized.

“Last year I had a longer bed than this one and they asked me if I wanted an even longer one. I told him it was fine because they couldn’t find one that fit my measurements anyway.”


Here’s the PokerNews video in Phil Hellmuth’s toilet at the Horseshoe: Will this ruse get the “Poker Brat” his 17th WSOP bracelet on his wrist? tell us on Facebook!

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