As Adrian Mateos thought against Davidi Kitai at the 10k 6-Max WSOP

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Today we see how he thought Adrian Mateos while he was play a hand against Davidi Kitai on the 3rd day of $10,000 6-max WSOP 2022.

One Splits interesting to understand, i levels the thought of the strongest professionals of poker when they cross that cards with a valued colleague e feared.

The hand

The tournament is over day 3 of 34 left. All players are one Price. At 10k/15k blinds with BB ante, Mateos opens 35k TOQ They called Davidi from an early position Kitai from cutoff and player up big blinds.

flop 9TJ mateos check overKitai bet 45,000, a third pot passed bbwho loves mateos.

turn 8th mateos check, Kitai bet 75,000, call.

Flow 8th In check to check the two players go to showdowns. When Kitai sees Mateos’ cards, he throws his in the dirt.

As Mateos thought on the flop

On the flop with me hand I can either bet or check, both options are possible valid. When deciding on a bet I think I need to use one size smallbut also the check over it is default. I decide to play the line more closely This is that of the check. Davidi points a third pot And I think the only option I have is it pay. Sometimes you can bet with Ace high cardbut even if it should be me behind I have it on his hand anyway a lot of equity.

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How Mateos thought on the turn

The turn It’s a very good card that gives me stages. The only hand I have to fear is KQ extensionwhich Davidi can carry perfectly in his Area. If it should work everything in it I think he has KQ Often. If he just bets, I call because I think I have the hand improve. I decide to check it out to protect mine Areaconsiders Davidi and then sets a size smalla third pot, a size that mi calm because he tells me he doesn’t have a KQ.

With KQ extension I think it would show more Great on the turn to center the entire stack Flow. It’s almost certain I have it hand best here. The options I’m between calling and raising, but this lift It’s a strong move and I don’t think one player as Davidi can understand worse. I’m also calling to give him some space to think of something by the river.

What Mateos said after the river

In check over Let’s go to the showdown and mine lady enough to win Court. I believe it is hand where I mined more Value of the entire tournament, now I have 775k that are equivalent 52bb.

How the tournament went

After this point mateos found the deletion 24 Item for $26,638. Just to execute him Kitai with the hand that the Spaniard feared Job: Mateos also hoisted the white flag A7 against KQ extension of the Belgian who found one K-Flop.

Kitai Then he raised the white flag 15th place. The bracelet went to Gregory Jensen, who prevailed in the last head-to-head race Pavel Plesuv.

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