WSOP 2023: Vito Branciforte flies in Gladiators, beats Pescatori and Sammartino in PLO

Azzurri protagonists WSOP 2023.

He thinks about it Vito Branciforte to fly the Italian flag with a near-perfect performance on Day 1C of $300 Gladiators of Poker No-Limit Hold’em: The Italian is third today and dreaming of Day 2. Salvatore Boi and also the most Italian of all Swiss, Roberto Begni.

In $1,000 pot-limit Omaha 8-handed, day two, trips are from Max Pescatori And Dario Sammartino Who won’t be able to attack for the title tonight?

Justin Bonomo dominated the first day of the $50,000 High Roller No-Limit Hold’em, which drew the attention of great players for a huge field.

Finally, during the night, I was assigned another bracelet: Valentin Konakchiev ships the $2,500 Freezeout No-Limit Hold’em

Let’s look at that in detail.

Event No. 18: Branciforte and Boi rock

The $300 Gladiators of Poker No Limit Hold’em gives us two great performances from the Azzurri players on day one. Vito Branciforte is in third place with 2,685,000 units Salvatore Boi closes on the 14th square with 1,800,000 chips. Two really important stacks to set the law on day two.

There will be some too Rob Begni: Swiss with a passport but always linked to the Italian group, Roberto puts 1,080,000 in the envelope and in turn sends clear messages to everyone. Waiting for the third and final qualifying round, others 5.110 Paying players busted Day 1C, and the tournament is set to be the fifth in World Series history to break the 20,000 attendance mark.

The Top 10 of Day 1C

1 Richard Gao United States 3,105,000
2 Peter Lee United States 3,100,000
3 Vito Branciforte Italy 2,685,000
4 Lindsay Jones United States 2,465,000
5 Jason Aden United States 2,285,000
6 Christopher Crutcher—2,285,000
7 Ugur Secilmis Türkiye 2,150,000
8 William Rowlett United States 2,000,000
9 Jiawei Mao United States 1,980,000
10 Qiong Ding United States 1,880,000

Event #19: East Wind at the WSOP 2023

The $2,500 Freezeout No Limit Hold’em crown master Valentin Konakchiev. The Bulgarian player made no concessions at the final table and after the reset 1.138 Opponent, secures first bracelet of his career; In addition, Valentino cashes a check 435,924 Dollar. Beaten in the last duel Andrew Korn, with the Argentine saying goodbye with the second bracelet. A similar discourse also concerns Alexandre Reardthird place and Niall Farellin seventh place.

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Final table payout

1 Valentine Konakchiev Bulgaria $435,924
2 Andres Korn Argentina $269,438
3 Alexandre Reard France $192,723
4 Reuben retails for $139,671 in the United States
5 Girish Reknar United States $102,577
6 Ankit Ahuja India $76,537
7 Niall Farrell United Kingdom $57,620
8 Adam Swan United States $44,087
9 Qiang Xu China $34,210

Event #21: Pesca and Dario are out of the game

There is no glory for the Azzurri on the last matchday $1,000 pot limit Omaha 8-handed. The second day ends the race Max Pescatori And Dario Sammartino: Both fight for money but no pass in bracelet match. The Pirate and MadGenius eliminations are close together.

The four-time WSOP champion is ranked 38th 6,986 big bills, with the Neapolitan raising the white flag four positions later and for the same price as Max. In 13 Land on the last day of competition and the top of the count is occupied by Stephen Nahm with 9,750,000 units. The first coin shines 267,991 dollars, with the remaining 13 still having at least $15,700 in their pockets.

The official count

1 Stephen Took Canada 9,750,000
2 Ronald Keijzer Netherlands 5,965,000
3 Thomas Taylor Canada 5,340,000
4 Dan Matsuzuki United States 5,300,000
5 Gheorghe Butuc Moldova 3,120,000
6 Kevin Rand United States 3,015,000
7 Amir Mirrasouli United States 2,200,000
8 Jonathan England United States 1,380,000
9 Thomas Zanot United States 1,000,000
10 Paul Clotar United States 980,000

Event #23: Justin Bonomo in the Cannibal version

When High Roller is in the air Justin Bonomo rarely misses the opportunity. It also happened on the first day of $50,000 High Roller No Limit Hold’em, in which the American player takes command of the operations from the start, ending up at the top of the count with 2,024,000 tokens. An escape from the Stars and Stripes player considering he is the closest rival Talal Shakerchi with 1,688,000 units.

Impressive Field, the one who threw himself into the fray: 111 entrances and 45 left, but these dates are not final yet, as late registration is still possible until hostilities resume. You are already in the prize pool 5,300,250 Bills.

The top 10 from day 1

1 Justin Bonomo United States 2,024,000
2 Talal Shakerchi United Kingdom 1,688,000
3 Chris Brewer United States 1,618,000
4 Sam Soverel United States 1,459,000
5 Chance Kornuth United States 1,313,000
6 Alex Foxen United States 1,236,000
7 Leon Sturm Germany 1,118,000
8 Jeremy Ausmus United States 1,016,000
9 Sergio Aido Spain 984,000
10 Seth Davies United States 961,000

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