Last Stop with Super Multiplier for Club del Poker Road to Barcelona!

The Poker Road to Barcelona Club Rankings began in April with the victory of William “LICANTROPOn1” Olivieri and will be released on Sunday closure.

The last tournament of leaderboard That gives away Tickets to the EPT Main Event will have an active one x4 multiplier and will therefore be a joint central establish the former 36 classified who will play this totally definitive.

From a theoretical point of view, given the full of points Coming soon, even those who have never played the Club del Poker Road to Barcelona before will be able to take part in the reserved tournament on June 18th, with a placement a prominent role in the latter stage of the lot.

A freezeout without late registration

The last competition the leaderboard organized by the Telegram group poker club will have a €2 buy-in in partnership with PokerStars guaranteed jackpot €1,000. There is no late registrationSo if you want to take part, you have to remember to complete registration to completion 21:00 on Sunday 11 June.

THE player You will receive a stack of them Departure of 25,000 chips with first floor 50-100 and all blinds up six minutes. The tables are from seven players and the formula is Freeze: There are no sizes, repeat purchases or re-entry.

The lobby of the club’s last leg of the Poker Road to Barcelona: Two days and 5 hours before the start of the tournament, there are 47 members.

bonus comparator

This comparator compares the welcome bonuses that can currently be checked on the websites of Italian operators. This table is informational and the operators are displayed in random order.

As already mentioned, besides that guaranteed jackpot The tournament will be awarded Points valid in the sense of leaderboardmultiply for four.

Accordingly scoring system The Club del Poker Road to Barcelona is therefore the only participation in the final stage 20 pointsto which they will add another 80 in case of reaching the area awards.

Just scrolling through the general classification It can be seen that the last useful position for the June finale is at altitude 196 points. The winner of the last stage receives a payout 300 leaderboard points, But even 20th place gets 224 points!

The final in sight

The goal is there Final at 36 on Sunday, June 18, in which the tickets Main Event of EPT Barcelona. The freeroll is reserved for the top 36 on the leaderboard tickets also to all players of the final table:

position Price
1 Ticket to the EPT Barcelona Main Event
2 Online ticket €250
3rd-9th Online ticket €100

On this page Find the full regulation Way to Barcelona Poker Clubin addition to the form you need to fill out to receive that keyword the enrollment tournaments.

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