The hand at the end of day two that tipped the scales at the 25k High Roller WSOP

The 25k WSOP high rollers He will live his day tomorrow decisive.

The day 2 which was closed a few hours ago (here the report) had one epilogue from the thriller that tipped them over situation the chip count.

Until then moment to look down on everyone Kristen Bicknellthen Alex became Foxen’s wife entangled in one hand against Hrabec So who could bag the biggest stack? Day.

The hand

tournament at 17 left at the 18th level blinds 40,000-80,000 with BB ante.

Kristen Bicknell in Foxen x2 opens out kidnapcalls Roman Hrabec big blinds.

flop Q33Hrabec check, Foxen bet 110 km, Hrabec lift 325k, call.

turn 2Hrabec comes out aiming 550k, Foxen who loves.

Flow THrabec bets 1.95m and sticks with it two pennies Behind it, Foxen uses his ultimate ability time bank before you decide to do it Financial support

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But with view of the K6 Opponent throws the cards in stack. The two take turns Head Hrabec’s chip count rose to 6.15m and Foxen fell to 3.575m.

How do I attack the project?

We know that for me rehearse who populate the tournaments high stakes It’s important not to give up readable to opponents. The action aggressive from Hrabec with flush draw can be read here optics.

Unfortunately we are not there To know of the Foxen/Bicknell papers, but it would have been Interesting Look what this is Czech if he hadn’t closed his Color on the river: it would have gone anyway everything in it otherwise he would have given up, although he was hardly aware of it Fox He would have folded after he was done committed on the turn?

Video replay day 2

Here’s the video footage of Day 2 of the 25k High Roller WSOP: The hand takes place in the final stages, but unfortunately the cameras didn’t catch it!

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