Mouth open for the heroic shout that brought Tyler Brown the WSOP Mystery Millions

The event Mystery Millions WSOP In which there were six Italian prizes, one decided hand really at Border.

Protagonist of the “braccialettando” Tyler Brownwhich was still one then fast of titles WSOP.

In the final head-to-head race American one was enough Ace high card call that raise flop and the push turns that the opponent puts you in danger Survive in the tournament.

After I tried bluff crashed on the hero call of Brownguang Chen stayed 5bb von Stacks and in the very next hand he said goodbye to the bracelet dreams Close on the second place.

The hand

The tournament of “Mystery Bounties” It’s called chin up conclusive With 6M/12M blinds with a BB ante, Brown has 328M of the stack when opened 29M Button, Chen Guang defended big blinds with 401M stack.

flop 332guang check overcontinues Brown 18MChen raised one 72MBrown thinks 45 seconds ahead Financial support.

turn Q and Chen Shova for 227 million Effective. Brown leaves in the tank before you decide to call .

“You’re good,” Chen tells him as he shoots .

As we can see in our odds calculator, Chen still has a 13% chance of winning the hand.

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The river comes Q instead and thanks to the Herocall, Brown doubles, but most importantly, Chen finds himself with 5 miserable big blinds, centering the following hand with AJBrown calls with Q7 and thanks to a 7 flop and a 7 River wins the bracelet and the $1 million round.

The odds of calling

After Guang’s push on the turn, Brown had to decide whether to put all his chips in the middle of the table with ace up.

The call amount is 227 million for a pot that is 441 million: Using the usual pot-odds formula, we can see that the point of break even of the call is on [227/(227+441)]=0.339=33.9%.

We do not know that Story between the two, or if Brown grabbed any tell from the opponent, the fact is that in his Decision definitely considering calling be good several times higher than the break-even point.


Here it is Video obvious: in your opinion Brown decided to place the incredible hero call after seeing some tell from Guang?

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