The protagonists of the first week of the WSOP: Chad Eveslage, Fabio Coppola, Doug Polk

The World Series Of Poker show is in full swing with its premiere on the Las Vegas Strip Week Playing at the tables in the home stretch we can begin to pull the strings of speech.

here are the protagonistsmuch inside positive how much in it Negativethe first seven days of the tournament WSOP.

UP: Chad Eveslage

A Previous week had already won more than seven million in live tournaments and a bracelet that was awarded byhigh rollers from 25k of the year last.

Thanks to an amazing Departure whereby he first joined the established $1,500 Dealer Pick and 4 days later at the $10,000 Championship Dealers Choice, today Chad Eveslage won two bracelets more.

If we have to choose that hero It definitely can’t be this first week of the World Series someone unlike the 1991 born player a Louisville in Kentucky.

UP: Fabio Coppola

Unlike the rest squad The Italian does not have to adjust and discard the spindle upon arrival. From this perspective, the fact of live in Las Vegas he probably made it easier for Fabio Coppola, but sure, for country He pocketed a lot of that at the final table of WSOP Event #11, $600 deep stack be.

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With this result, Fabio has, among other things, passed the mark of half a million live tournament winnings. And be final tablein addition to being that First An Italian joined them edition World Series, right now it is one and only. Fortunately, the demonstration has only just begun.

BOTTOM: Doug Polk

What was The strongest heads-up player in the world comes to the totally definitive of the WSOP 25k Championship Heads-Up with the slippery street in the semi-finals of Fortuna – it goes without saying that it is literally about landing on the tournament floor without a benevolent fate impossible.

It seems a script written. In this specific case bracelet it would be there too court hearing of what many believe to be Polk’s abilities. But in the end it’s missing the goal after the opponent has been revived with a bluff didn’t hit.

matter of karma? In the semifinals against Chris Brewer, Polk came out on top Rescued on the river by an unstoppable preflop cooler and after an initial moment of sincerity cheers that has become a curtain sweetish for use of cameras. And then it is like this known It’s like the World Cup, but not the WSOP bracelet kiss before victory!

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