WSOP 2023: Alessandro De Michele flies in Mystery, Phil Hellmuth collapses in Championship

Another day of passion and emotion at the WSOP 2023.

The $25,000 Heads Up No Limit Hold’em Championship also completes the second day and there are four left to fight for the title: Doug Polk and Sean Winter the biggest names.

Alessandro DeMichele plays the charge in the $1,000 Mystery Millions – No Limit Hold’em: “Wodi” accepts the passport for the second day and dreams big dreams.

Meanwhile it is $10,000 Dealers Choice 6-Handed Championshipwith a regiment of big names and champions on the starting line. John Hennigan in command and Phil Hellmut at the end of the count.

Two other bracelets were awarded at the Las Vegas event: Ronnie DayAfter four days of fighting, he wins the Tournament Of Champions. Vadim Shlez wins the $1,500 Limit Hold’em.

Let’s look at that in detail.

Event #3: De Michele super on Day 1D

Day 1D ends with the qualifying rounds $1,000 Mystery Millions – No Limit Hold’em. There are over 8,000 paying players in this tournament, although it will take a few hours to get the full count. He ticks among the 476 climbers of the last flight Alessandro DeMichele who puts 665,000 tokens in the envelope.

Over a thousand players return for Day 2: safe in the knowledge of being in the money and completing a long descent of 22 levels, or a prior stop if the five-player final table is reached first. Cito and Di Donato contribute to this DeMichele and so here are three blues ready to climb positions.

The top 10 of day 1D

1 Ronan Nally GB2,820,000
2 Calvin Anderson Las Vegas, NV, USA 2,390,000
3 Zachary Wilson Carol Stream, IL, USA 2,350,000
4 Stanley Lee Las Vegas, NV, USA 2,280,000
5 Kevin Eyster Denver, CO, USA 2,180,000
6 Ramaswamy Pyloore Wayne, NJ, USA 2,055,000
7 Jonathan Ounjian Delray Beach, FL, USA 2,040,000
8 Vahid Jalali Santa Monica, CA, USA 2,010,000
9 Phong Chau Anaheim, California, USA 1,965,000
10 Edward Pak Laurel, MD, USA 1,935,000

Event #4: Ronnie’s coup

It took four days to fill a field of 741 players Ronnie Day Who does not discount at the final table and appears as a champion. The Tournament of Champions sees the curtain fall after a fight without borders. The newly minted player extends the last duel Brent Gregory.

The whiteboard 5-A-4-5 encourages the future runner-up to push on 6-5 and Day Snappa with J-5. The flow does not alter the substance and Ronnie collects 200,000 Dollar. Patrick White emerges in seventh place while Barry Schultz He started last in the count and actually does not find a comeback: for him seventh place and farewell to dreams of fame.

The payout

1 Ronnie Day United States $200,000
2 Brent Gregory United States $120,000
3 Patrick White United States $87,000
4 Hunter McClelland United States $63,000
5 Wissam Gahshan United States $46,000
6 Justin Hotte-McKinnon Canada $35,000
7 Barry Schultz United States $26,000

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Event #7: Vadim Shlez wins the bracelet in Limit

A very long and endless descent formed the framework for the last day of racing $1,500 Limit Hold’em. Vadim Shlez puts the exclamation mark on the tournament with the first position that counts 146,835 dollars, in addition to the bracelet. The Ukrainian player is eliminated in the last duel Rostyslav Sabishchenkowho consoles himself with $90,000.

The payout

1 Vadim Shlez Ukraine $146,835
2 Rostyslav Sabishchenko Ukraine $90,753
3 Kerry Welsh United States $63,577
4 Raul Celaya United States $45,301
5 John Crossbow United States $32,840
6 Chairman Vangchai paid the United States $24,228
7 Jason DuongCanada $18,196
8 David “ODB” Baker United States $13,917

Event #8: Polk and Winter chase the bracelet

at WSOP 2023the attention of many is focused on the $25,000 Heads Up No Limit Hold’em Championship. Four players continue to compete for the title of heads-up world champion, one of those events that shape players’ careers. Doug Polk And Sean Winters the favourites, Chris Brewer And Chanracy Khun They will try to undermine the prediction.

In 16 On the second day they took their place again and whoever survives the round of 16 ends up in the prize. It works too Anthony Zinno which, however, is decisive in the quarterfinals. “In the Money” placement for Eric WassersonLandon Tice e Robert Perez. In the semifinals, Polk faces Chris Brewer while Winter faces Khun.

At least everyone has it in their pocket 192,513 Dollar, squared $313,362 and a first coin of 507 A thousand bills are waiting for the new champion.

Event #9: Shaun Deeb reaches the final day

Nine players will compete for the bracelet and a first coin tonight 110,800 dollars in the $1,500 Seven Card Stud. Shaun Deeb the heaviest name in the race, with 675,000 pieces. It’s at the top John Monetteat 1.9 million, with Nick Schulman who puts 1.3 million in the envelope. At least the 9 that are left are in the bag 7,706 Dollar.

The official count

John Monette 1,985,000
Nick Schulman 1,375,000
Hojeong Lee 1,140,000
Tab Thiptinnakon 1,135,000
DJ Buckley 880,000
Andrew Hasdal 770,000
Shaun Deeb 675,000
Bruce Levitt 665,000
Tim Frazin 430,000

Event #10: Hellmuth performs the miracle

The $10,000 Dealers Choice 6-Handed Championship It’s full of champions, big names, world poker aces and of course specialists. One of those tournaments where the quality standards are incredibly high. In 115 They showed up at the starting line 1,069,500 The collected dollars will be accumulated in the prize pool, but registrations will remain open until the start of the second day.

On the second day I am 58 The climber and before everyone else sets the pace John Hennigan that comes with 309,500 pieces. Then they advance John Racener (111,000), Mike Gorodinsky (158,500), Chad Eveslage (125,000), Andrew Kelsall (142,500). We need the comeback to three masters like Daniel Negreanu (49,500), Eric Seidel (33,000) and Phil Hellmut (9,000).

The Top 10

1 John Hennigan LAS VEGAS, NV, USA 309,500
2 Marco Johnson WALNUT CREEK, CA, USA 297,500
3 Anatolii Zyrin Lesnoy Gorodok, , RU 255,000
4 Larry Tull LOS ANGELES, CA, USA 208,500
5 David Bach ATHENS, GA, USA 203,000
6 Raymond Henson Spring, TX, $203,000
7 Patrick Leonard NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, , GB 202,500
8 Zack Freeman Redondo Beach, CA, USA 202,000
9 David “Bakes” Baker Marina Del Rey, California, USA 190,000
10 Brian Rast Las Vegas, NV, USA 190,000

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