Dario Minieri talks about how poker has changed in his years away

This is the news that brought a smile to the faces of the Italian community of Texas Hold’Em enthusiasts.

After a long absence from the green tables, Dario Minieri is back in the game.

In an interview with fellow Assopokers, “SuperNova” spoke about its relationship with poker in the golden years and now, and underlined the huge changes that have taken place in the field.

When the urge comes back…

At the beginning of an interview with Domenico Gioffrè, Minieri explains that the spark for poker was rekindled a few months ago when he went to a Latina room with a friend to play.

The approach is the same as in the Golden Age:

“Having fun has always been the most important thing for me. Every time I play I have to have fun and do my best. When you lose the joy of playing, the quality you express also decreases. But it was like that magic […] Even then it was important not to become negative.”

Because aggression pays

After discussing the Roman group that switched from Magic to poker and the importance of Magic Champion David Williams’ WSOP Main Event runner-up finish to fellow Minieri, he reminisces about his golden years the green tables.

“When I think of Las Vegas, I only have good memories. The bracelet for example, but those days were beautiful too. Anyway It’s not true that there weren’t many aggressive players back then. There were those, just as there were people who played well after the flop. In simpler terms, since many tended to fold too often, an aggressive strategy was often the most comfortable.

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Minieri had an advantage in online heads-up play.

“Caution is important so that you can interpret each moment correctly. This is one of the reasons why I am convinced that it is still very useful for all poker disciplines, even for tournaments with many players at the table, precisely because you get used to the interpretation of your opponent.”

Today’s Poker and Dario programs

Today, the poker Dario found on his return to the green tables is very different than it used to be:

“The game has evolved, there are a lot more prepared people, there are a lot more tools to study the game and we’re seeing a lot of people being a lot more prepared for the value of their hand.”

But Dario is the same as always, he is able to liquidate the haters by saying that everyone is free to say and think what they see fit.

“I try not to think about these things, not give them weight, and just focus on my mindset.”

What is certain is that we will soon see Dario again with the two cards in his hand:

“I have become the testimonial of a room operating on the foreign market. Thanks to that I will definitely be there Battle of Malta in June and I’m considering going there Vegasto play that WSOP Main Event.”

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