Yesterday, Tom Dwan won the biggest TV pot of all time

“DURRR” supplants Antonius. Barely three months after the Finnish player won the biggest pot ever televised, Tom Dwan broke the record over the other.

Last night the US specialist scooped up a mega pot of $3.1 million in a cash game at Hustler Casino!

The hand

We come immediately to the history of the turntable. Cash game $500/$1,000 with BB ante $3,000, also at the table are Doug Polk, Nik Airball and Haralabos Vulgaris. In the $7,000 hijack opening, Wesley “Wes Side” Fei three-bet to $30,000 on the A buttonk with a stack of more than three million dollars.

On utg, with a 1.5M stack after straddling, Tom Dwan Q pinsQ and a cold 4-Betta $100,000 after the original raiser folded, it’s Wesley again 5-bet $275,000. Dwan thinks for a few minutes before deciding to see the flop.

The first three community cards are 3s8th8thDwan checks, Fei bets 125K, Dwan calls.

turn 5 new check-call for Dwan on Fei’s second barrel at $350,000.

river 6 Dwan checks for the third time, Fei announces all in. Dwan gets up, takes a bottle of water and starts thinking. For a pot over 2.2M, he needs to bet his last 786,000.

Eventually, he decides to call and win the mega pot of $3.1 million, the largest ever in a live stream!

Here’s the graphic we used on Facebook to dynamically show the entire hand at a glance:

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The odds of the call river

The dynamic of the spot is quite special considering it’s a preflop five-bet. The cornerstone of the hand is probably the call, with Dwan actually committing on the turn.

On Fei’s push-river, Tom had to decide whether to use his last 768k in a pot that now sits at 2.3 million.

Using the usual pot-odds formula, we can see that the call’s break-even point is DURRRR [768/(768+2300)]= 25%.

So for Dwan’s call to be good, the chips would have to go his way more than one in four times. With his extremely aggressive approach, Fei polarizes. We don’t know the history between the two players, but given this action, perhaps Dwan caught the opponent with the only combo he defeated. Very nice hand for him!


Here’s the video of the hand: With that request at the end of the pot, Dwan confirms that he has habits like all mere mortals! 🙂

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