The WSOP’s new Real-Time Assistance Software (RTA) policy

The edition of the World Series Of Poker that has just started will differ from the previous ones in terms of extremes Attention oriented towards software Real-time help (RTA, Real Time Assistance) and those related to GTO extension (Game theory optimal as we know it is the theory of the matched game).

THE regular live are Worries. The argument persists Week Last time, at the WPT Gardens Poker Championship, a player made the allegation Neighbor the table to be used programs to provide assistance in a timely manner real in by hand course.

The case at WPT Gardens

How much happens He warmed them up at the tables in the WPT Gardens souls. In the video circulated on all social networks we see a player with functions Asian complain to the Floor.

“If you see someone using a real-time solver, say something, just like this guy did at WPT Gardens today. What is the penalty for such behavior? As far as I know, this player has not received any penalties – wrote the WSOP POY 2021 Josh Arieh in the tweet.

The player He was accused of using real-time solvers but defended himself by saying he didn’t use them use Hand in work and what came out of it DanSmith to take hers immunity:

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“We can all agree that using a solver during a hand is cheating. But since this player said he was using the solver between hands to analyze previously played spots, which is entirely ethical by current rules and standards, we should treat him with kindness unless proven that he lied.”

This is how the WSOP works

The rule number 5 the TDA (Tournament Directors Association) states that “betting and charting apps may not be used by players while the hand is in progress”.

Then hers use Between one layer and the other it is perfect rightfully. But given the weather, the WSOP has gained a head start discretion around Penalty for using RTA and/or GTO software even out of hand play.

“Players found to be using RTA or GTO software during a hand will face penalties up to and including disqualification from the tournament. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to impose penalties on players using RTA or GTO software in any other situation. Players can continue to use their devices to play online at or use the Caesars Sports app, the statement said.

in the output WSOP 2016after realizing a player consulted some tables of push/fold between hands, then World Series Tournament Director Jack Effel He said: “If you don’t have a hand, you can very well look up anything you have on you, be it notes or anything, but not a running hand.”

THE just they seem easy Change. We’ll see how the WSOP applies margin discretion for using RTA/GTO through player not directly involved in the hand.

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