Eliminated in the first hand in the 10K Main Event: the story of Benjamin Spragg

The Spring Championship Of Online Poker, part of the PokerStars International Extension, has a bitter surprise in store for Benjamin Spragg.

In the 10,000 buy-in Main Event, the Red Spade Room Ambassador only lasted one hand!

The Brit commented on what was happening on social media between laconic and fatalistic.

The social ad

Spragg announced his sudden departure from the top SCOOP tournament on Twitter.

“I survived a hand in the 10K Main Event. Not exactly ideal, wrote Spragg, who added the post-elimination screen on Twitter.

the troll

Spragg then joked with those who asked about the hand that made him the out player.

“I called on the river with pocket sevens on a QQTT4 board, thinking he was bluffing with 66 and my kicker 7 was good, but he bluffed with pocket nines and I lost a 1,000BB pot.”

Given the rude comments about the hand story, to say the least, the Brit then explained that it was a hoax.

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“I actually folded AK to KK in an 80bb pot.”

Whoever perseveres wins (and then loses)

In reality, between Benjamin Spragg and the SCOOP 2023 Main Event, the word “End” has still not been written after elimination. Later, “Spraggy” tweeted that he had won two satellites, giving him a second chance at the 10K buy-in tournament.

“Nothing is done until it is done! 13.5 hours of Sunday session streaming. We won a $109 satellite that led to a $1,050 satellite that took us back to the $10,000 main event for $109! I’m not going, dammit!”

With the second ball won thanks to the two satellites, Sprag was then eliminated in 187th place, a far cry from the tournament’s prize range, which counted the top 71.

There are currently 40 survivors in the main tournament of the international edition of SCOOP, including our own Enrico “WhatIsL0v3” Camosci.

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