How was the debut of the Sunday Octagon, the new PokerStars Sunday?

After the “Sunday Slam” at PokerStars, another follows novelty for more gaming session important of the week.

Yesterday Sunday 28 May in the poker room of red pike debuted a new Sunday tournament “Sunday Octagon”.

Let’s find out right away details of the new entry and how it went the edition of the debut.

Sunday Octagon:

The new PokerStars Sunday tournament starts at 18:00 with a buy-in of 20€ and formula progressive KO: 9€ of the registration go to the donation jackpot progressive sizes.

The first killer bounty Then collect €4.50 per person the elimination of the opponent, coi remained €4.50, which increases your amount cut progressive.

Participants will receive one starting pile of 15,000 chips with the first level 25/50 Ante 5 and blinds up every seven minutes. Post-registration is possible for the first 125 minutes of the tournament.

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Sunday Octagon: Federico Piroddi at the final table

The “first time” of Sunday octagon recorded 351 entries and 108 re-entries, leading to an increase guaranteed jackpot from 5 thousand euros up to €8,262divided evenly between the prize pools normal and that for the sizes.

Between 87 digits We can also find that for an extra charge specialists Dario “dario6990” Pieruzzini (65th), Marco “RaydenArtist” Richetto (28th), and Giuseppe “TheLooser” Di Stasio (19th).

It went all the better Federico ‘IFOLDACES4U’ Piroddi: The Milanese landed at final table then raise the white flag 5th place €195 prize money and €93 in sizes.

Compared to default of the Sunday schedule has the tournament closed fast: when they were over 4 minutes from 11 p.m. ‘ccalessandro’ had the Better in head to head conclusive on “MrDDKola”. here are the awards Distributed at the final table:

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