Poker Live: Isaia is always hot in Main ISOP, 21 other blues light up SharkBay at Kings

Live poker that never ceases to amaze you.

In Nova Gorica, for example Italian ISOP ChampionshipsThe €990 Main Event First he registers the balance of payments and then provides us with 27 players on the way to the title: Alexius Isaiah lurks in the top ten and promises sparks.

In the meantime, two more rounds were played at King’s Casino €290 SharkBay Main Event €500,000 GTD and I am 21 the blues that pass day 1E and day 1F. We currently have 38 Compatriots on the second day, but in the morning there is still a flight to play.

Let’s look at that in detail.

ISOP: 27 players on Day 3

It was a day 2 full of twists that colored the whole thing €990 Main Event at the Italian ISOP Championships. Thanks to the late registration, which is still open, the input data have improved until the absolute record was recorded 228 pay. As a result, we see a long skimming on day two, which also doesn’t spare a big win Dario Minieri.

Together with him they end up in the corner of the broken David Bravin, Robert RiggioRoman Ravaioli fausto tantillo, Nicola Benedetto, Nicola Cappellesso, Andrea Iocco, Claudio Di Giacomo and Antonio Scalzi. 27 The ones that land on day three and haven’t been paid out yet considering they are 23 the positions”in the money“.

So when games resume, just four eliminations will be enough to burst the bubble. Before all orders Attilio Gatta tries to escape with 712,000 pieces. They show up in the top 10 Willy Murgolo 337,000, Massimo Schiralli who, after winning the €400 deep, aims for the sensational double with 326,500 and finally Alexius Isaiah.

The blacksmith continues to sail through the noble districts and in his envelope there are 305,000 tokens. A clear message to everyone. Has applied himself AndrewFerrari (180,000), Enrico Mosca (175,000), Marcello Miniuchi (146,500) and Catalado Valletta (80,000).

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The top 10 of day 2

1 CAT ATTILIO 712000
3 degrees DAVID 460000

SharkBay: Azzurri, what a show

Another blue avalanche at King’s Casino, for that matter €290 SharkBay Main Event €500,000 GTD. 21 The Italians survived Day 1E and Day 1F and brought the Italian train to it 38 Agreement on Day 2.

In the fifth flight, the coverage is quite sufficient Leonard Sabatino which enveloped 1,030,000 and seized absolute leadership in the Count’s command. Danilo Paciullo is on his trail with 793,000 units. Among other things, the silhouettes of were advertised Daniele Trotta (306,000), Conrad Martinelli (258,000), Paul Coser (167,000) and Vincenzo Bortone (125,000).

Another 9 qualifiers come from Day 1F, with Sergio Ragalbuto leading with 649,000 units. Giuseppe Grupposo is keeping up with 585,000 pieces. Francesco Valentini shines with 321,000 chips, while Sandro Sinipoli finishes the count with 111,000 chips. Today is the final qualifying round and then we’ll have the Azzurri’s complete data.

In the same way, the dice will also be cast with regard to the entrances to the main event currently taking place 1,702 partial payer e 185 secure a place on the second day. You are needed 300 Entries on the first day this morning to reduce the guaranteed amount of 500,000 euros.

The blue count between Day 1E and Day 1F

Leonardo Sabatino 1,030,000
Danilo Paciullo 793,000
Oronzo Cavallo 745,000
Federi Costantini Angelantoni 680,000
Luigi Guadiano 497,000
Daniele Trotta 306,000
Corrado Martinelli 258,000
Nicola D’Arienzio 181,000
Tommaso Parrotta 180,000
Paolo Coser 167,000
Lorenzo Giannuzzi 143,000
Vincenzo Bortone 125,000

Sergio Ragalbuto 649,000
Giuseppe Grupposo 585,000
Carmine Salvioli 429,000
Leonardo Toppi 368,000
Francesco Valentini 321,000
Louis Bradimarte 231,000
Massimiliano Olivieri 228,000
Emilio Izvira 168,000
Sandro Sinopoli 111,000

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