Phil Ivey’s poker face during a plane crash with Antonio Esfandiari

For play best games since I live, Poker pros are there constant movement from one continent to another.

But by the law of large numbers that is so dear to us poker playertravel today, travel tomorrow, sooner or latertrailer hitch He arrives.

Some experienced a major altitude loss and forced landing incident years before to Antonio Esfandiari when he flew from New York to Cannes Phil Ivey And Dan Shak.

“The Wizard” told this mishap in an interview with the Card Player portal. The beauty is that in reverse of the original player IranianApparently Phil Ivey didn’t come shocked more than that from what happened

“One of the scariest moments of my entire life”

“It was my first trip with my now wife, we had only just started dating at the time. We wanted to go to Europe and had left New York a few hours ago for Cannes. We fly over the sea, after some fun it’s time to take a nap. We have a small bed and lie down.”

But the rest is interrupted suddenly:

“Suddenly I feel the plane losing altitude. I’m starting to ramble on a bit because these things bother me. I look into the cockpit and the pilots press buttons, the stewardess comes and sits in the row next to us. She buckles her seat belt and I can see she’s terrified. Worse, she’s terrified.

And the bad Anthonyit still has to arrive:

“As all of this is happening, the oxygen masks are being lowered. Have you ever been on a flight that used oxygen masks? It’s not a good feeling. The captain tells us that we have lost cabin pressure and need to make an emergency landing. At this moment I’m wondering how we can make an emergency landing since we’re on the water…”

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Ivey’s poker face

In total Thesays Esfandiari, Phil Ivey is not an iota upset:

“I look around and there’s Phil Ivey lying on a different bed. He stands up, no emotion, but absolutely zero of any kind. He puts on his oxygen mask and then sits like nothing special happened. I couldn’t believe how quiet it was, it was impressive.”

Esfandiari just can’t get over the fear he’s personally experienced cold blood from colleague:

“It was by far one of the scariest moments of my entire life. Shak was great, but he’s definitely not one of the calmest and most composed people when something like this happens on a flight. I’m not saying he freaked out, but nowhere near Ivey. Ivey was super stoic, not moving, not an ounce of concern on his face.

All’s well that ends well

In addition to stunning tranquility from Ivey, Esfandiari has another thought excited moments:

“At this moment I just think that I haven’t told my fiancee that I love her and I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to do it again. He wakes up perfectly fine.

But the mishap luckily of the three player and Esfandiari’s new girlfriend ends well. And indeed it will be an opportunity to visit one of them places to watch at least once in Life.

“The plane descends to 15,000 feet, the cabin pressure increases and we make an emergency landing in Iceland. We stay there for four to five hours until they send us another plane. We take the opportunity and drive to the Blue Lagoon, a place to see at least once in a lifetime, absolutely beautiful. Then we take another plane and arrive in France.”

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