What Enrico Camosci was thinking in the daring hand of third place at the 25K HR EPT Montecarlo

In the recent Italian expedition to PokerStars’ EPT Monte Carlo, the largest coin went to Henry Camosci.

The grinder meat sauce A resident of Malta for years, he secured a magnificent third place finish of 477,000 in the 25K High Roller, won by Mikita Badziakouski.

Especially against them Belarusian Blue was eliminated in a hand of suits daring. Camosci explained how he thought Job fatal to him in one video interview to AssoPoker’s correspondent Davide De Luca, who you can find at the bottom of the page.

A third place to frame

First, Enrico explains that he is more than satisfied with third place, both with the progress of his tournament and with the absolute level of the opponents at the final table:

“To be happy with a third place or not depends on the situation. At some point at the final table, I made a short hero call that went badly. Then I recovered, but in this case, especially considering how I was, I’m happy to have finished third. This was definitely one of the toughest final tables I’ve ever experienced. O’Dwyer has an important live presence, then Mikita is a monster… One of the toughest final tables I’ve ever been a part of, even online, I’m happy with the result.”

The hand

And we come to the fateful place. The tournament lasts until level 28, blinds 40,000-80,000 and BB ante. The payout is one of those with dizzying increments:

position Premium (EUR)
1 €938,042
2 €801,068
3 €477,750

From the button Enrico Camosci brooch 99 and opens 160,000, from the small blind Mikita Badziakouski bets three for 500,000, Ben Heath folds from the big blind, Camosci bets four for 905,000, down 200,000. A move that seems to confuse Badziakouski:

“What’s going on here? – the Belarusian exclaims with a laugh, before asking for the count and calling.

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On the flop 3J7 Badziakouski leads 200,000 by effectively putting all in. Chamois snaps to see his opponent’s pocket jacks.

The 8th Turn opens a gutshot to the Bolognese, but the river 3 it marks the end of the game.

What was Enrico thinking?

Camosci explains his hand and immediately denies that Mikita rolled him slowly.

“He didn’t roll me half slow, let’s say I have 11 blinds on the button, I have the nine and I raise, Mikita from the small blind puts 5 blinds. I don’t go all-in, but make 9 blinds. He starts huffing and saying, “What’s that?”

At this point I thought he had a random hand that was a tribet fold, but then changed my mind as I didn’t go all-in. I don’t even know why I did that. I thought I went all in, took the stack and bet it, not realizing it wasn’t all my chips. He puffs, puffs, puffs and calls.

Of course, I called the flop Rainbow Donk-Shova, but I would have felt guilty if he turned over Checkers-Jack. I was worried that he would flutter with a marginal hand because of my non-all-in click-raise, but instead he shows pocket jacks and gg.”


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