The Importance of the Value Bet in MicroLimits

One of the biggest problems faced by those who want to fly from a status of discreet player Beginners, with all the desire in the world to show up and play on the world’s most prestigious stages, it is benefit make the best use of all opportunities that arise in the game.

Furthermore, the same argument must also be made within the framework of a much broader vision, capable of seizing every opportunity that presents itself tournament optics, Avoid being lazy and not playing.this tournament, which seemed very fitting for our characteristics, but I definitely didn’t want to miss this premiere film“.

The maximum value is reduced to the minimum

Leaving aside the second part of the paragraph here in which we refer to our careers as poker players, let’s stick to the individual session to talk about the value that is too often lost when playing without the greatest possible knowledge to gain from what you do.

It goes without saying that only inexperienced players should have such a leak, even if you haven’t encountered one yet ground rule like that of maximize Your Precious Hands The few times we’re reasonably sure we’re ahead, especially on the river, unless we’re early-career players, we should be concerned.

The main problem with losing value on the last street of the board is the possibility that our opponent, especially when we’re playing in position, will have a top point to our, to use another example, top pair.

At a time like this when PokerStars plays micromillions, If we can, it is necessary to make the most of from the cat“.

Everything and nothing

There are two options that lead us to a right decision.

With the micro limits, it’s very unlikely that there will be players throwing traps out of position a certain number of times, especially when they do met a good part of the board and we risk being in the eyes of “oppo”, have a good point in hand.

It’s never easy to get value from these players on the river, also because, rest assured, it’s going to be very difficult to get from points like… Ace High and/or similar. At these levels, whoever is calling you will almost never do it without something closed, even if it were the smallest couple on the field.

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Because of this, especially when playing from position and hand flow, you are fairly confident of coming out on top Paid value bets help in several ways: will increase yours stack With an extra bet and most importantly, you will feel satisfied to get your opponent to bet more chips with a smaller point, albeit slightly.

So you no longer have to be afraid to invest money with two pairs, which almost always pays off from a middle or top pair a rival who hasn’t played for a long time.

Why not value bets?

The biggest problem is mental and represents an obstacle that needs to be removed as soon as possible lose too much value caused by your shyness and/or fear of self-esteem bet alone with the fear of finding something better on the other side.

Our selective memory, particularly that of those who are new to the game, is influenced by the fact that at the micro-limits to which the casual player is accustomed, players are often accustomed to overfolding hands they should not fold And given that concept, how can you be afraid to bet the river?

If our opponents tend to spend everything that is not of the slightest value, then the cases in which we find ourselves are: a check-raise in the face, but are ready to put with edge points like bottom pair, What fear can one have when trying to win a street that has more value than the canonical two of the flop and turn?

Granted, sometimes that can happen, and the value bet on the river cost us a chunk of the stack, but in a game where that long term is our only standard if we want to measure our abilities. Don’t think that playing good hands is enough to get the win we so desperately want.

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