As Mustapha Kanit thought for a fatal hero call at the $2,500 WSOP

In the poker decisions go weigh based on theirs capacity bring a I deserve long-term Period.

In the singles On the other hand, things can turn out differently than expected. He knows well Mustapha Kanitthose in a video published by Room “Of this is Team Pro,” he explained thought process in the hand that holds it eliminated from the event $2,500 Buy-in for the latest World Series Of Poker in Las Vegas.

The sample Italian actually recognizes a smudge on the river, which might have complicated things for him, but that quality General of his TP remain.

The hand

Tier 7 tournament, blinds 400-800 with BB ante. The cutoff starts at 1,700. With a stack of 50,200 chipseven 63bbfrom the small blind Musta Tribetta 6,200,000TThe opponent who loves.

flop T8th3 Must bet 5,500, call.

turn 8th By the way, it needs to be checked check over behind.

Flow 7 Musta bet 18,500, Oppo all in 87,300, Musta called and shuffled!

What did the opponent have?

Oppo shot for the second nuts flush with Runner Runner!

Musta’s thought process

I have to think about mine preflop options. I think a call is too far reaching, I can go in tribeI have a solid image, that’s fine. Obviously I like to see a lot fold Opponents after making three bets, but at the same time there are many if he calls textures where I can win the hand.

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I have the picture of the opponent, that is closely therefore aggressive towards many textures For example, I would think long and hard about making a decision bluffcatch with a middle Pair. Let’s see how it goes.

I like the flop, that’s okay check over than to bet, I’d rather bet more often hold the cue ball the aggressionI think a little bet is ok, it’s good Value take here.

The turn is a card i it helps Because he can have hands like QJ-J9, he can also have gods 8th but at the same time there can also be pairs like 77 or 66 in this situation. Honestly, I would be happy with this check over and then press depending on how much Top. I believe that flop can have a large part of the range floating and I like to “underrepresent” my hand strength as if I have it ace high Ready to check fold. my hand is strong enough not to find me in it Danger.

After be Check the turn to make sure I have the hand improveI just have to try to take this more likely. Here I expect that he has many PairI don’t expect the combos they have full. Overpairs always touch down turnI’m pretty sure I have the best hand. I don’t know if it’s better here check over to get him to bluff or bet small to try and get some value out of it something.

I decide to bet 18,000 from 25,000. I think it’s good Sizeor maybe even better a slightly larger size small Here. (after the opponent’s push, editor’s note) “Oh my god”… let me think. What can it have if pusha? Can have combos a Flowerlike QJbut he should have done it with that hand press on the turn with all that equity. He can have an 8 or a full house, he can turn something into a bluff, but he can also do it have i 77

It’s a choice difficult. I must say 20k for lots of chips. Be honest I don’t think he’s capable of action bluff Here… I was definitely ahead in the corner. Maybe I didn’t Size on the best. Decision difficult, very hard. I think I misunderstood Size, I should have bet more on the river small happily bet/call. Or even check bluffcatch it was fine too. It will have a club ax or maybe one KQ clubs? You are the caller loose on the flop. Sometimes poker is difficult. I think I’ll bluffcatch: he might have A3 in hearts, in fact the 8s might check too.

[dopo aver chiamato] Oh I didn’t expect him to be able to call the flop with that combination but a nice hand good match!

Picture above: Screenshot from the Winamax video

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