Dario Alioto and the “almost” hat-trick in Bratislava: “Today, poker is a hobby for me, I don’t go to the WSOP because…”

In this London photo, it seems like it was yesterday, or almost. Back then there was the Full Tilt patch, since Dario Alioto started having the personalized avatar on the now defunct red room, the only Italian with Max Pescatori. In this photo, “Ryu” casually showed off and slapped the bracelet he’d just won at the WSOP Europe in London Istvan Novak at the Pot Limit Omaha event. It was 2007, almost 16 years ago. A lot of water has flown under the bridges, and not only that.

Dario Alioto almost wins the hat trick at WPT Prime Bratislava

In the last few weeks, the Sicilian has been on everyone’s lips again a hit at the €5,000 PLO SHR. received at the WPT Prime Slovakia Festival at the Card Casino in Bratislava. That win wasn’t Dario’s only win though, as it was repeated at another PLO event, this time with a €550 buy-in. Alioto prevailed over 27 entries to collect €5,860 after beating South Korea’s Min Cho heads-up. Not a big number, but combined with the 52,000 two days earlier, they’re starting to look interesting.

But before that, Dario Alioto had made a close-up. Also at WPT Prime Slovakia, a €3,000 Pot Limit Omaha High Roller, with €100,000 guarantee. 38 members and Dario were done 5th place for €9,100while the tournament was then won by Hungarian Nagy for €38,444.

“A run like in the good old days, but poker is now a hobby”

“I played three tournaments and won almost all of them”says Dario, who then goes into further details. “Winning the 5K is another gem because that day I had won the turbo satellite for this tournament, but there was a real risk that I wouldn’t start. I was the only subscriber to this HR and I had to wait two and a half hours alone at the table with the chips and begging the waiters not to cancel it. Somehow, the tournament starts with five members, who end up becoming fifteen. Then it went as you know…”

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So we have to get used to seeing Dario Alioto at the tables more often? Not really as it seems. Bratislava It’s a very beautiful city that I visit regularly and enjoy, but it was my first time playing tournaments there. Today poker is a hobby for me.

Why no WSOP

And will we see Dario Alioto again in Las Vegas at the WSOP? The answer is very clear: “No, I haven’t played the WSOP in 10 years and I don’t think I’ll be ready to go in the future, at least until it’s played in the best two months of the year.”

The Sicilian explains his thoughts better: “It’s been my priority for a number of years Travel around the world and do it right. In all of this, as I said, poker finds its place as a hobby that I try to do on a limited scale to keep it fun and exciting, rather than a work routine.”

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