Poker Live: Patrik Antonius for Triton Series story, Calculli tries Belgium

Live poker online bounce, especially between Belgium and Cyprus.

In the heart of Europe €1,100 Pokerstars Belgian Poker Challenge en route at Namur Casino: four Azzurri taking part in Day 3. Solo Paul Calculli moves to the fourth day while the others remain at the price.

Endless show in Cyprus with the Triton series. The $200,000 Luxon Invitational reaches the 9-handed final table with Patrick Anthony what the first coin is targeting 4.5 millions of dollars.

Let’s look at that in detail.

Pokerstars Belgian: Calculli Blue Bulwark

Only one Italian among them 32 Players who arrive on the fourth day of the €1,100 Pokerstars Belgian Poker Challenge at Casino Namur. Paul Calculli pocket the pass and do so with a stack consisting of 1,940,000 tokens It is close to the noble district of the count, even if the distance to the leader is great Romain Le Dantec becomes violent: the Frenchman tries to flee 5.4 Millions.

In the year 199 At the beginning of the third day, they took their places again: all with prizes and with four players from Bel Paese ready to rewrite the history of the event. And it’s only in the closing stages of the day that bad news comes for our colors. The first to checkout is Salvatore Allatta which leaves the scene in 70th place for 3,215 euros. Rosario Augusta gives up 53 and receives 3,700 euros. Finally is the last one to let go Antonio Lancellotta who collects the same amount as Rosario for his 45th place.

The 32 that are left are still in the bag, after all 4,255 Euro and today we will play until the final table is set. Securing the final table pass is tantamount to getting your hands on the ninth prize €19,073. Maps on the air from 12pm with Day 4.

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Triton series: Antonius reaches the final table

The $200,000 Luxon Invitational prepares to experience the final day of competition Triton series and there are nine left fighting for the scepter in Cyprus. Registrations were still open for two levels on the second day, and overall they are open 86 Payer for a net prize pool of 17,200,000 Dollars spread across 13 premium positions.

They range from the minimum cash of $350,000 until you reach the first coin 4,560,000 dollars, with 3,169,000 Tickets for the runner-up. The latest to miss the In the Money section is none other than Stephen Chidwick: English is one of them KJ and find it in its own way Punnat Punsri who dominates him with KQ extension.

Once the bubble bursts, among other things, there is no access to the final table, Linus Loliger which settles in 13th place. The situation is completely opposite for Patrick Anthony. The Finn pockets 4,020,000 chips and launches the title attack with the fourth stack in play. Before all orders Sean Winters who tries to escape with 5,295,000 Unit.

The official count

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