The pair of aces that upset Dario Sammartino

On average, you get a pair of aces once at the green table, which is the best starting hand in the game all 221 hands.

Against a combination arbitrarily of the opponent’s cards, the aces they are subject about the 15% Sometimes.

But it’s not just that casual gamer feeling bad when they see “the jaws” pop: As a video posted by PokerStars on YouTube reminds us, this happens to poker pros too.

In this case, the pro is the legendary Dario Sammartino. we see immediately the hand that harks back to the Main Event EPT Grand Final won by Steve O’Dwyer in Monte Carlo in 2013.

The hand

D3 of the tournament 19th level Play along on blinds of 4,000-8,000 before 1,000, 36 left.

jason Mercier opens from early position T9Andrew panting call with AQby Dario button Sammartino brooch aTO And Tribetta at 56,000 Mercier works, who loves panting.

flop Qk7 Panting check, Sammartino bet 42,000, call.

turn 4 Panting check, Sammartino check over.

Flow Q Pantling tip 190,000Sammartino does not pay or hide his money disappointment at sight Travel who hands over the pot to the opponent.

Dario will then leave the tournament 19th place while Pantling raises the white flag head to head Final against Steve O’Dwyer.

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Here she is graphic which sums it all up action the hand in a View:

click to enlarge

Pot control with a forced call

It seems obvious that the button Turn the hand both check turn by Dario, both for pot control, ie not to enlarge the pot, and for ‘stay inside’ the whole range Opponent.

Before a second barrelIn fact, Pantling could have come up with the idea clearer of the cards in Dario’s hand might come to a conclusion understand be under. In the case of darius also had al. bet Flow he would have stayed at about one Pot-sized betat that point all of his chips would probably have ended up in the middle of the pot.

Of course, if Dario checks again that turn, he’s already planning to call every river or whatever.


Here is the video posted by PokerStars:

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