Cold shower for Doug Polk, flop full house and see the chips go to his opponent!

You may have made one of the most incredible folds in high stakes poker history, but if you hit the full house flop, you’re unlikely to make it save yourself.

on this one failuresThen it is already a lot to minimize losses…

For Doug Polk it is showdowns of the last days in his “The Lodge”, at the end of a $100/$200 match streamed, it was a really cold shower. we see

The tweet

We found out about the hand thanks to this “tweet” by Doug Polk on Twitter:

“The sickest hands always come when the stream ends. I just lost to JJ at 22 at JTT. I’m still in shock.

Polk then explained the commercial to his PokerNews colleagues.

The hand

Cash game $100-$200, player in middle position opens $500, Polk decides to call with JJ. To his left, two other players call, including a certain Jimmy from the cutoff.

On T flopJT Polk checks from behind, but his hopes of a bet go to waste.

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On 2 On the turn, Polk fires $1,500 from a pot of about $2,500 (his stack is about 100,000) and only calls Jimmy.

On 2 River Polk bet $3,500 and was raised to $21,000 by his opponent, who started the hand with 40,000 chips.

Instead of going further over Polk, he just calls and when his opponent shows 22 For the quadriceps found at Runner-Runner, he understands that he made the most correct decision!

question of the cooler

A player of Doug Polk’s caliber knows that there are coolers in poker. Because of this, he limits himself to calling even though there are only two combinations on the river that will beat him – the pair of twos and the ten.

The golden rule of poker is that hands that beat you call you and hands that beat you fold.

Polk was obviously convinced that his opponent would only call a raise with only one of these two combos in his hand. Which, by the way, he did when he saw cards.

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