Doyle Brunson: Are you jealous of my life? You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

To commemorate Doyle Brunson, we’re reproducing our Las Vegas correspondent Rudy Gaddo’s interview during the 2014 WSOP.

If a man who has worked “just a few weeks in 81 years of life”came to tell you it exists it is not to be envied without any reason, it would be hard don’t laugh at him in face.

Sure, maybe out of respect you wouldn’t giggle anyway his agebut inside you would think that you would like one Life as the her.

Especially if theeighty one called in question Doyle Brunson and is the icon of world pokerwith much ten bracelets Wsop on the bulletin board.

And yet, if you look closely at the face wrinkled and the eyes deep from “Texas Dolly” when she replies: succinctlyto the three questions asked by Italiapokerclub during a break in the $50,000 Poker Players Championship, you might think sincerely.

There crutch which is permanent now accompanied it is placed on the edge of the table chair next to it him to remind himInjury youth that prevented him from playing for the Minneapolis Lakers jersey NBA. A disappointment which has always stayed with Brunson Heart.

And which Doyle only partially redeemed by becoming one Legend Live from poker World.

“You say – whispers – that everyone here at the Rio adores me for what I’ve done and the life I’ve lived? I think they just don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s a tough life for the professional gambler. It’s complicated. Everyone finds it glamorous and glamorous to be a professional gamer. But I guarantee it’s not, and it wasn’t at all.”.

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The years I spent a poker in Texas, among people who has not paid his debts gambling, threats, robberiesand so on and so forth, they’re probably still in his Eyeseven if they are long gone.

“Go broke or risk my life like I happened to do – adds – it is just one aspect among many that makes this job difficult.”.

The remaining players of the Players Championship draw closer tables. Doyle was already sitting across from her stackbent under the weight of Memories more than some Work of the day, waves to squeeze then there is still play.

Opposite him is Todd Brunson, who Son recently brought to his table (top photo).

“I’ve played with Todd at the table before, but in different situations. I generally don’t like playing with him. It happened this time. There used to be a rule that two family members were not allowed to sit at the table together unless it was the final table. But obviously it has been changed. So we accept it. And we will play.

Doyle drops his wide brim cap Cowboy on eyes, replies with one polite nod at Thanksgiving. The interview is over. There Legend by Brunson, still not. And who cares?elimination from Event 46 of that World Series, which arrived shortly thereafter through Brock Parker. A Location at the table, e.g dollyThere It will always be like this.

Photo by Futura Tittaferrante

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