Doyle Brunson, Anatomy of a Legend

Brunson’s departure has rocked the international poker community.

The lament of two-card enthusiasts is universal: like all living legends, until yesterday doyle It seemed immortal.

But “Texas Dolly” will remain in the memory of all Texas Hold’Em lovers forever, because no one in history embodies the soul and essence of the game more than he does.

The godfather of poker

Doyle began playing in Fort Worth, Texas, where he was born and raised, at a time when green tables really did come in all colors.

In the 70’s he came to Las Vegas and after clearing the cash game tables he started playing in the World Series Of Poker tournaments and clearing them in sequence.

After his Main Event wins in 1976 and 1977, Brunson published his first book, SuperSystem, which was instrumental in spreading the word of poker to the masses and has remained one of the cornerstones of poker in recent times. Poker Literature.

Until recently, Brunson continued to play actively at the tables after beating three cancers. To explain his longevity, he announced a few years ago that he had a 65-year career at the tables, of which “64 were positive and one negative”.

Honors at the tables

Already on the night word of the farewell spread, homages to “Texas Dolly” were pouring into the online green tables, in the form of aggressive plays with “her” hand, which was unsurprisingly renamed to her name: T -2 out , with which he won both WSOP Main Events.

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One of the first to give the “bows” was Benjamin “bencb789” Rolle, who on live streaming, as soon as he spotted T-2o from utg, opened x2 and then three-bet his opponent’s raise on a paired flop graduated “For Doyle,” he wrote in chat, hailing the “good plays” of some opponents.

There was a moment of remembrance at the first break of the 50km Triton SHR series in Cyprus Storage by Doyle. Firsthand from recreation in games that Antony has doubled about Mulder with T2s on JJ as captured by David Yan via Twitter:

The hands played

Obviously if it’s “Texas Dolly”. Legend it also largely depends on her Capability at the green table. THE 10 WSOP bracelets – including two in the main event – and beyond six million Victories in live tournaments already speak alone.

But the hands do it even more playas Doyle proved once again 2 years makes his final spin in the World Series of Poker Main Event. Brunson folded trips on day one and a straight turn on day two on a board with three equal trips seed – rightly so, because Jason Koon had his own Color.

Obviously during his Career There were pyrotechnic hands galore… pioneered by Application The principles of tabletop mathematics that Brunson had refined over time Years and decades a number of Capability for live poker, probably a lot of them facets quiet they escape.

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