Italy forces 3 at BPC Namur, at Triton SHR Series Ding champion at 30k Mystery Bounty

What happened yesterday at live poker tournaments in Europe and around the world?

The Italian poker players defended themselves in Belgium, while there was no blue bag in Rozvadov.

In Cyprus, an underdog won the final day of the $30,000 Mystery Bounty event.

thing hits a dong

The final day of the Triton Super High Roller Series tournament began with 39 dropped from 155 starting tapes. Adrian Mateos, Steve O’Dwyer, Patrik Antonius, Justin Bonomo and Stephen Chidwick retire early in the day.

The final table begins with New Zealander David Yan, the monster chip leader with a 113bb stack, followed by Nacho Barbero with 48bb. Bringing up the rear is Isaac Haxton, who immediately doubles, as does Biao Ding shortly after, who gets defensive after a big fold to Nacho Barbero.

Henrik Hecklen, who with QJ succumbs to the king before the flop all-in9 by Artur Martirosian, who even found the full house.

At this point, the action centers on Danny Tang doubling down first against Barbero and then against Ding with pocket queens, only to bust again a few hands later with pocket queens against A2 by Yan.

The monster chip leader also eliminates Ike Haxton in fifth place (9th place).6>A2) and then it’s time to bid farewell to dreams of glory for Artur Martirosian, who went all-in with A before the flopQ subject to AQ by Biao thing.

The 3-man round is more like a battle between Barbero and Ding over who will take on New Zealand’s David Yan. The two are all in before the flop, but the Ak of thing is subject to the A9 with which the Argentine finds a four-card flush on the board.

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Then what you don’t expect happens. Ding doubled through Barbero and the Argentine then eliminated Yan with 45 that of 2Q536 Find the runner-runner ladder. New Zealander has Q8th and compliments the opponent before he goes to the checkout.

The heads-ups started with Barbero leading 3-1 over Ding, but the Chinese made two double-ups before the decisive hand came: the two were left preflop, Barbero with Q9 thing with a5.

Q boardT5TO2 it marks the end of the game.


1 – Biao Ding, China – $540,500
2 – Nacho Barbero, Argentina – $366,200
3 – David Yan, New Zealand – $244,200
4 – Artur Martirosian, Russia – $200,000
5 – Isaac Haxton, USA – $160,500
6 – Danny Tang, Hong Kong – $124,400
7 – Henrik Hecklen, Denmark – $92,100

Three blues on day two of the Belgium Poker Challenge

The €1,100 buy-in Main Event Belgium Poker Challenge also started yesterday. On Day 1 of the PokerStars tournament, there were 210 members with 81 survivors, including three Italians.

Daniele Cammarata pocketed 136,000 chips, Rosario Agosta 110,500, Gianluca Cammarata 41,000. Among the survivors is the legendary Pierre Neuville, while Dutchman Bart-Jan Van Heugten is the chip leader of the day, the only one to grab a stack of more than 400,000 chips with 489,000 chips. Another day 1 today, starting at 1pm.

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