Live poker: Jason Koon as a privateer in Cyprus, four Italians on the second day of the Swiss Poker Open!

Day eventful for the live poker. at Triton Super High Roller Series Cyprus waited for the day conclusive of the $20,000 7 Max Event by buy-ins.

TO Rozvadov others were planned two days 1 of the Swiss Poker Open, where there were several Italian to the bands of Departure.

Let’s see what they were I answered the table greens.

Koon knocks everyone out

There Day The conclusion of the Triton SHRS event with a buy-in of $20,000 started anew 28 left with Arthur Martirosian chip leader and 20 price positions. Immediately after the outbreak of bladder some of them raised the white flag Stars present as Isaac haxtonPatrick Anthony and Tom dwan.

The final table It started with Stephen Chidwick chip leader with 61bb and Ian bradley as the tail light 17bb.

It arrived soon the elimination by Sean Winter, before crippled by Kanan Taherkhani (88 executed by Chidwick (KJ>A9).

to say goodbye dreams of glory Then it was Ian Bradley’s turn All in before the flop lost that coin toss for survival vs Martirosians (QJ<55).

The phase you are left it turned out decisive for the results final of the tournament. Especially because at the end of a war of half bluff against Chidwick, Adrian Mateos just got by in the end 10bb of stacks.

Second for the cooler what Koon saw with pair king Cripple Martirosian with Torque by women. Shortly thereafter American executed the Russian at another crossroads pairunderpair (this time a pair of fours against a pocket threes).

‘Plunder’ one position, then it was Adrian’s turn to leave the table mateosthe one after setting his latest crisps in the middle of the table before the flop with Q6 got me Financial support by Taherkhani and Barsegian or with A7 it is at6and then he saw his dreams triple crash on a ace flop

After the elimination of Barsegian in fourth Position (JJ Color with J6 left Chidwick with pennies from snackalso ready to be more specific stack of the American after his pair two held against A7 in English.

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In the final head-to-head, Koon presented himself with one Advantage 3 to 1 on Taherkani. For the American it was a formality. The opponent had more than 20 big blinds but the decisive hand came in the lap of few.

With bet in every street, on board 4k8th7QTaherkani turned Q4 against scale 65 von Koon, who thereby collected $663,000 of the first coin for himself fifth success at an event triton.

The $30,000 6-Handed Mystery Bounty hits the high stakes circuit today and you can watch it live streaming with us!

Triton SHR Series Payouts

1 – Jason Koon, USA – $663,000
2 – Kanan Taherkhani, Türkiye – $451,200
3 – Stephen Chidwick, UK – $298,000
4 – Eduard Barsegian, Russia – $245,500
5 – Adrian Mateos, Spain – $197,300
6 – Artur Martirosian, Russia – $154,400
7 – Ian Bradley, UK – $115,900
8 – Sean Winters, USA – $85,500

Swiss Poker Open: 4 Italians on the second day

Out of Cyprus We’re moving Rozvadov where the first games were played four days 1 the Swiss Poker Open. The tournament of 550€ of buy-ins for half a million guaranteed prize pools four Italians on day 2

For the Day 1B Fate smiled at Biagio De Frinowhich was one of 8 survivors one day he recorded 52 entries and 9 reentries. De Frino put it in an envelope 271 thousand Crisps.

The Day 1D Instead, the points of the tournament counted 131 Entries and 23 re-entries and among the 19 players who bagged we find 3 compatriots. With 727,000 chips in the sack, Roberto Antonio Palmieri He ended the day with the second stack. Alexander White access to found day 2 with a stack of 416,000 while Francesco Zarra closed shorter, with 152 thousand tokens

The last ones are scheduled for today day 1 of the tournament. The day 2 Tomorrow the field until finalists who will fight for them on Monday the 15th victory.

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