Sunday 14th, the Main Event Bounty Builder with popular buy-in. How to play it?

It’s almost at the door prestigious weekend dedicated to the week bounty farmer, the seven days, or rather eight days, of the event dedicated to the tournaments where the bounty is up for grabs.

Sunday is the turn main event Bounty Builder Week and players are getting ready to win the best prizes in a tournament that offers a €150,000 guaranteed prize pool for the most prestigious event in this series, which can be entered with a €50 investment. Not really common if we’re talking about the Main Event, but certainly a way to enter or participate in a great tournament that risks being stormed by .it grinders.

PKO Tournaments

The formula will obviously be the most common for the main events, which almost always take place on the last Sunday of the series of any kind. But the appointment of Sunday May 14th It obviously needs to be constrained into a game formula that has its idiosyncrasies that lead to the most varied of strategies.

We’ve talked about these strategies many times, but it’s better to refresh the memory for those who only open the PokerStars lobby for specific events and are not very familiar with the tool.

Progressive KO tournaments are literally non-stop at PokerStars, offering a variety of buy-ins and structures to suit all tastes. Of course almost all events often come with high guarantees and you can qualify for events via satellites.

The prize pool in PKO tournaments is split between a standard prize pool and one a bounty on each player.

The rules in poker are the same, but in this type of tournament the bounties are progressive in nature, meaning if you eliminate an opponent you receive half of their bounty as a prize, while the other half is added to your personal bounty.

The beauty of these events is that The rewards for each player grow. Let’s say you and another player at your table eliminated opponents at the start of the tournament. Each of you would immediately collect €5 and your personal bounty would increase from €10 to €15.

If you eliminate the player with the €15 bounty, your bounty will increase by half that amount, from €15 to €22.50, while also giving you an additional €7.50.

It’s easy to see how many players will be added as the tournament progresses Bounties in multiples of buy-in. This applies in particular to the final table, where there is no going it alone ICM implications but also big knockout prizes to keep an eye on.

bonus comparator

This comparator compares the welcome bonuses that can currently be checked on the websites of Italian operators. This table is informational and the operators are displayed in random order.

Think of bounty in the form of chips

One area where PKO players get it wrong is considering awarding bounties in the form of cash rather than chips. It helps you think of the size as a chip value make better decisions and correct in all-in games. Also, we are playing a tournament and not a cash game session, so we should base our calculations on tournament chips rather than monetary value.

Each starting bonus in a PKO is worth 50% of the starting stack. So for a PKO with a starting stack of 10,000, the starting bounty is 5,000 chips. Keep this in mind as your PKO tournament progresses.

While winning multiple early bounties means you’ll soon be a free-roller; at the beginning of the tournament. Many players make the mistake of calling too lightly just to secure a bounty.

Bounties in the early stages of a tournament are insignificant compared to prizes and bounties at the end of the event. Of course, you can afford to call lighter, but you should still focus on playing solid game and playing to the end when there’s decent prize money waiting for you.

The crucial moment

You hear a lot about it Push fold strategy when you are short stacked in tournament poker, ie when you have reached a certain stack “danger zone” With your stack, you don’t have room for post-flop maneuvers and you have to make a preflop decision between going all-in or folding and waiting for a better time to try to double up.

In such situations, your decision to check or fold generally depends on the strength of your starting hand, your position and number of players remaining, the size of the remaining player stack, and whether you might have enough “Fold Equity” among other things, to get others to give you the pot without a showdown.

If the tournament is a bounty tournament, where players make money by eliminating others, that adds another variable that can affect your decision. With bounty builder events, you also have to keep in mind that if you get your short stack in the middle, others might be a little more eager to chase your bounty.

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