Daniel Negreanu broke the curse with the heads-up high stakes duel

Much thunder that at the end It rained. After the hat trick of losing to Phil Hellmuth two years ago tonight Daniel Negreanu He won his first challenge of the format High stakes duel.

In the head to head played in the Studios of the streaming channel PokerGothe Canadian dressed as Goliadian body builderAs you can see in the picture above, prevailed Eric Persson Bring in $100,000.

The record

With starting pile of 50,000 chips, the two players yes you learn in the first hour without slip in especially in courts large. Negreanu brooch, two pairs from Assenin the first Persson calls Before and folds on the flop, the other folds preflop.

The stack The two are roughly paired when the first arrives hand what moves them balance: Negreanu finds middle set of 53JPerson has 42 and with project from bilateral Calls on both the flop and 2 turn. For the Flow then comes a 4 which prompts the two to move in check over go to the showdown.

Negreanu is in Advantage three to one, but Persson sells dearly skin. With multiple bluff the American climbs the slope: ad Exampleon board 7JTO77 Person Betta 5,000 with 43 whereupon the Canadian a inferior JT.

But it’s just a fire hay because the final hand is coming soon, with Negreanu leading four to one. In heads-up has the whole atmosphere of one cooler unstoppable: the two end up in the air stay ahead with the Canadian which becomes Ak and Persson AQ. The T board7J6 marks the end of fit.

What Negreanu said

At the end of the meeting Negreanu He said he felt “relieved” more than anything. The classic “sigh of relief”.

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“I saw a lot of good hands, I don’t think he saw that many, he bluffed me a few times but I didn’t do anything special, I just ran better than him.”

The Canadian also revealed his preparation for it Challenge:

“I wasn’t worried about game theory or anything like that. I’ve just seen some streams he’s been in, some highlights and his chats at the table. He’s really good at balancing, when he’s good he says things you would say when you’re bluffing. It does a lot of “reverse”. But when there is a shot clock there is not much time to process everything, at some point you have to make your own decision.”

What’s happening now

Eric Persson posted one on Twitter Video in which he congratulated Negreanu “for kicking my ass” and explained that he couldn’t ask for it due to time constraints Revenge.

Given how the format works (which you can learn in detail at this link), anyone is possible challenger Now you have 30 days to take over person. The sit If Negreanu defends the title, he would have one buy-ins Double compared to the one played yesterday, so by $100,000.

Cover photo: PokerGo

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