Incredible misinterpretation in high stakes poker, Keating is convinced he has a full house and calls Bellandes raise!

Never been convinced to have a point very strong Then discover at the showdown you had seen badly your cards?

Don’t worry, you’re in good shape Pursue. What happened last night in the transmission from PokerGo High Stakes Poker, provided further confirmation that even poker pros sometimes misjudge their hands. Against his will, the protagonist was Alan Keating.

The hand

After Tang’s $800 utg straddle, Keating wins 5th place5 and opens $3,000 with a $193,000 stack, Bellande calls from the small blind with A7 ($300,000 stack), Tang folds.

On the flop 639 the two go double check.

At 6 Turn Keating bets $4,000, Bellande calls after the check.

river 2 Bellande flush checks again, Keating bets 45,000, Bellande raises to 100,000…

When you realize that you don’t understand anything

…snatches Keating and asks his opponent what he’s got. When she hears him say “color,” she replies that it’s not good.

Yes, because Keating thinks he’s found the full house on the last street! As soon as he deals with his cards, the cold shower comes:

“Oh I thought I had pocket deuces, you win! – says Keating to Bellande, unable to hide his disappointment.

Even Nick Schulman tells the streaming comment he’s convinced his colleague read his hand.

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“I don’t know why, but it shows that he genuinely believed he had the two.”

“Maybe he saw the two fives upside down – jokes the other commenter.

Bellande puts the burden on it

The shock for the hand is one extractor hood unbelievable that floats on the table.

“If you read your cards correctly, would you have called my raise with your hand? Bellande asks him somewhat stammering.

“No,” Keating replies to the instance, turning his head angrily. “I wasn’t in good shape, I had a high five!”

“Ah ok, you had the five, then it’s ok. I thought I’d give you back the raise amount if it was a hand you couldn’t call with, but you can call with fives if you think I’m bluffing…”.


Out of read wrong the history of live poker it is full. stay with us latitudesthe call with K4 13 caused a stir for Christian Nuvola, who was ousted by the WPTN champion in 2013: The Croatian Li Vaja had mistakenly called a 4 for an A.

But to confirm that reading error can really happen allthere is the sensational by Phil Ivey, the al Day 6 of the Main Event WSOP 2009 mucked his hand without realizing he had made a winning flush.

Onward to more recent times, the more sensational it’s definitely the one from the beginning of the year al closing table of the WSOP Circuit Rozvadov Main Event: Germany’s Pierre Kauert busted out in 5th place, unaware that JT Separation against KJ on board AQ6J6!

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