From Russia with Love, Pizzuti wins the pike in Montecarlo: “But this deal…”

by our correspondent Davide De Luca

Montecarlo – Silent protagonist. Until yesterday. After the deep running of the main event, which ended in 57th place, Stefano Pizuti in fact he managed to increase it second Italian pike here in Monte Carlo and secures the €1,600 Mystery Bounty buy-in for a first €63,890 coin.

Last night, at the end of a long meeting also involving Marcello Miniucchi, Pizzuti signed a 4-way deal with his compatriot, Israeli Yoni Khalifa and Latvian Vladislav Petrovs:

“Maybe I could have asked for more at the time of the deal, but 2-3,000 more wouldn’t have made a difference. To be honest my first thought was to continue playing but the structure was actually precarious and after so many hours at the table I decided to accept and even please my opponents who were more than happy with this ICM.”

As you saw in today’s payouthowever, most of the jackpot went to Marcello Miniuchi. No, there are no graphic errors: thanks to the incredible €50,000 bounty caught in the afternoon, the Pesaro is the happiest at the end.

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Before the ritual pike shooting, we take Stefano aside to ask him a few more questions…

I have been living and working in Moscow for almost 30 years. I got to know poker around 2006 and fell in love with it. I reached several final tables at the first IPTs in Venice and Sanremo. Over the years I’ve never had too much time to play, but every time I’ve competed it hasn’t been too bad. My most important result before this success is certainly the second place in the IPO four years ago.”

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