Freezeout tournaments strike a blow: let’s arm ourselves with faith and patience

The surprising burping of the live poker which over the last year has seen a sensational response from players who have decided to return to the casinos to play the most beautiful game in the world has also brought some back specialty who many had declared dead and buried too soon.

One of them is obviously the freeze, the tournament format that was monopolistically depopulated before tournaments with the formulas until about fifteen years ago buy back before and reentry then, along with the various Hit and or progressive Knock Out and again, whoever has the most fills the online rooms before the live rooms.

Freezeout Tournaments

In this piece we deal with this particular form of tournament, the freezeout, in which a player decides to enter, pays their registration, plays and, if it wasn’t exactly their tournament, retires and is eliminated Under no circumstances will you be able to register.

If you register for a freezeout tournament early in the event, you’ll find that you can play with a lot of big blinds. There are many events in Monster Stack mode where players get a starting stack, for example 50,000 with blinds from 100/200 – which turns out 250 big blinds! Well, just because you have a lot of chips to play with doesn’t mean you have to use them from the start.

It has often been theorized that keeping chips should be the game plan in the early stages of freezeout poker tournaments. Of course you should bet to the greatest possible value with your made hands, but there’s no reason to take risks with marginal hands. There will be ways in the future to take someone’s important dishes, so keep that in mind Patience is key in the early stages.

There is an argument that you should play more aggressively early on in this format than you are capable of capitalize on mistakes of the weaker players and punish them. However, if a reading is wrong in a difficult spot, you could soon find yourself in survival mode or even eliminated.

Patience is the key to success at poker

Among those players who have always preached that patience is a trait in the poker world, there is certainly one jamie staples, who explained the following in an old interview with Pokernews.

Patience is really important to advance in your poker career‘ Staples explained, pointing out how counterintuitive this may seem, but in reality, the best players know the moment when they need to shift gears with every step.

This is backed up by James Woods, who sees this as the most obvious and important trait in a poker player to learn and implement patience. If you ask anyone who plays regularly what it takes to play poker consistently well, patience will be at the top of the list.

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Some players consider patience passive, but in reality patience turns you into one position of power. Just like any skill, patience it takes practice and with practice, you can eliminate, or at least curb, the desire to play every pot so you can wait and watch, having control over when to act, which will benefit you most.

James Woods himself put it best, reassuring the most anxious: “Don’t be too nervous and don’t get anxious too easily. You have a lot of time”.

The gear change

There capacity From change Your level of aggression sizing Betting and whatever else it takes to enable you to make better decisions is a key component of surviving a freezeout tournament.

According to former November Niner JC Tran, “Your ability to read players is important because you’ll be playing with a group of people you’ve never played with before. So after reading them, it’s even more important to conform to them in terms of betting size, when to bet, when to raise, and when to just call. Be prepared to adapt to each table as there will be many table breaks and you will have to play with new people each time.”

Ultimately, however, you can have all of the qualities listed above without confidence and in your abilities the other qualities will avail you nothing. You have to believe in every tournament that you can win, because if you don’t, it won’t be long before the sharks are circling you…

A key ingredient in being a confident poker player is the ability to do so control emotions. In a game where you can be the chip leader in one hand and shortest in the next, it would be virtually impossible to stay confident without maintaining some emotional control.

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