Stop-Win and Stop-Loss: when stopping is (not) necessary

We have written that poker is governed by dynamics that are not all dependent on our will, in many ways, especially those related to it our variety items.

On many occasions we have told you about how the long time It allows us to understand if we are winning players or if we need to work hard to improve our game quality and achieve the results we set for a period that does not include one or at least a few game sessions.

Stable and constructive arrangements

If you are about to put your skills to the test tournament player, Whether you play live or online, you already know that you are investing an amount that will affect your return on investment Your return on investment, which is positive when you checkout to claim a portion of the profit based on your “in the money”while it gets worse with every tournament you enter without getting an economic result.

For what concern money games Instead, there’s an opportunity to decide in advance what your win or loss will be, simply by setting a maximum profit or maximum spend target.

The mechanism is simple and is called stop loss in case you decide to leave the table during a negative session that you don’t want to turn into carnage or we name it stop winning on the much rarer occasion that we wanted to get up from the table with the maximum goal we set ourselves in the pre-session.

Obviously, it should be stressed that the vast majority of players consider it a crime to leave the table when things are going well. So if you belong to this category, only look at the part that concerns the stop loss.

Why resort to the stop loss

First, let’s say that resorting to a stop-loss dynamic means exiting the gaming table when we reach an output that we set before sitting down to play. we would not have passed.

The classic example of understanding each other, al NL €0.50/€1, Game in which we can sit down with 200 BBs or €200 and decide to reload or reload two more bets for a stop loss of €600.

Bonus comparator

This comparator compares the welcome bonuses currently verifiable on Italian operator sites. This table is informational and the operators are displayed in random order.

It is not an action dependent on the luck you may or may not have in that particular session, and that means you won’t be more lucky or worse unlucky if You will be sitting at the table in the near futurebut the stop loss is crucial and will come to your aid if you understand that in addition to the session going badly, your A game he is affected by it and it is right that you only sit down at the gaming table when you return polished and willing to do his best. Luck has nothing to do with it.

Luck has no memory and your hand, which you are about to play, is in no way linked to how the previous one ended: it is always and only a deck of cards that decides the fate of a shot that reaches the showdown, everything recovery is part of your skills and condition as a player.

For illustration, if they are served to you in a random hand, a 7 from cups and a 2 from wandsthere is no rule that prevents you from being dealt the same and identical cards in the next hand.

Because interrupting makes sense or not

Leaving the table when we are winners makes very little sense and leaving the game early to protect your losses is even fair harmful.

It hasn’t, especially when you consider that a cash game game lasts as long as a player’s career, long from start to finish and the number one win to aim for isn’t that of a single session, it’s that which one will become used to set you on the right path to becoming good, if not great, players.

Otherwise, logic will lead you to understand when things go wrong with respect to your goal situation in the game. It’s never bad advice to hail the company when you don’t understand the table anymore, whether it’s because of tiredness, or because of a mental state that no longer allows you to make the right decisions, or because we’re obstinately opposed to that blond boy are who took us over the 5% on the river.

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