Matteo SpeedOne1 Liparulo declares a wrong 7th place in the Sunday Special

It seems that he is not making a mistake, in fact he is not Nearly do one wrong.

In the panorama of Italian regulars, Matteo Liparulo is currently one of the hottest names. Earlier this year he won the Main Event Winter Series, then at the SCOOP that ended last week he made multiple final tables and a nice title.

As if that wasn’t enough, last night’s Sunday Special finished in second place.

The Arezzo specialist however, who plays on PokerStars under the nickname ‘SpeedOne1’, has told us he’s struck gold a spot at last night’s final table.

“A hand that got me into quite a bit of trouble in the game and after reviewing it I think I made a mistake – he says. Let’s see her with her comment right away street by street.

The hand

With 41bb Stack, 2nd in chips a 7 left of the Sunday Special opens Matteo 120k (x2) by utg AQ.

Out of shutdowns the chip leader ‘Dark Side789’, with 51bb of the stack, is limited to the call with Ak. All the others they work.

from 8TTO49 Check/call ‘SpeedOne1’ flops and turns and fold up to the river press Opponent.

And here is the comment hand by Matteo himself, who in via provisionally he defined his Opponent “A ‘Reg’ playing extremely aggressive, maybe too much 🤣 He was quiet last night but he usually does very strange things.”

before the flop

“I basically open utg 7 max AQs quite normally, with the flat cutoff ‘dark side789’, a regular I know.

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The problem with this is that we are second in chips and with him as the chip leader we have a very high risk premium: we would never want to be eliminated now and lose as many price steps as possible with this arrangement of chips. That’s why I expect him to put a lot of pressure on him at this point.”


“Here we should already check a lot in chipEV, I imagine that we should therefore check the entire range for the ICM considerations that I have already explained. I check, he bets 40%, I call. I try to play the spot as defensively as possible.”


“Of course I check again and he bets about 70% pot, maybe a little less: In the game I decided to call again, also because of the information I had about my opponent, but I honestly believe that the best move is already in it insists on folding the turn given the ICM pressure in play.

We’re still hitting some things with AQ, but a lot of the bluffs he might have here have Qs he shouldn’t block. I also don’t see how we can improve the river or call an all-in. If he decides not to give up his bluffs, which I expect from him, we have no chance of winning the hand.”


“River Cheko again me and he Shova I think a bit but obviously there is no calling here even the flush draws on the turn are closed now and he might as well have QJ or stuff like Q-9/J-9. The only bluffs he might have are KJ/KQ, which I’m not at all sure he has at frequencies that high, and a few underpairs like 6-6 with a piece of diamonds, which I honestly don’t believe.

Regardless, before AQ there are a lot of better combos to call here, we’re very protected because we still have ax diamonds and some tx diamonds in our perceived range, so there’s no need to herocall this combo. To at least call, he should have had a diamond piece, but I think I would have folded even then.”

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