As Leonardo Parmiggiani thought on Day 1 FPS Montecarlo vs Marle Spragg

Leonardo Parmiggiani is also among the 41 Italian poker players who arrived for Day 2 of the Main Event FPS Montecarlo, the opening event of the EPT stage.

On Day 1, the Romagnolo happened to be at the table with PokerStars Ambassador Marle Spragg and bagged 109,000 chips.

The PokerNews blog reported on a cross between the blue and Benjamin Spragg’s wife where ours prevailed.

Let’s look at the hand and how Leonardo thought while playing it.

The hand

Day 1 is at the fifth level, blinds 250-500 with BB ante. Marle Spragg opens 1,100 from middle position and gets four calls, including one from Leonardo Parmiggiani on the button.

On the flop K75 all checks until Parmiggiani bets 2,800. Just call Spragg.

turn Q Parmiggiani 4,000, call.

river jSpragg checks, Parmiggiani moves all in for 14,100.

The American goes into the tank and stays there a long time and tells the Blues he has a really nice hand.

Eventually he folds. Leonardo asks the neighbor to reveal a card for the table, and it’s a 5.

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“You had pocket fives – says Spragg, loudly telling the table he folded KJ to two pair – or maybe you had 5-2o?”

As Parmiggiani thought

Of course, I had a pocket fives set, with a bad five, and that’s not my style to flop last in 5-way and hit the turn and river for the entire stack.

Preflop, after the early open and flat from the button, I call to play set mining because I have all the necessary odds given the depth of the stacks.

Everyone Checks the Flop: If the original raiser checks this flop, I think it can be multiples in value (88-99-TT-JJ-QQ, occasionally some A7s or 87s/67s, sometimes KTs/K9).

I decided on approx half pot after all, because I’m expecting at least one anyway check/call for his part, obviously hoping for that check/increase from someone else. In the end he just calls her.

The turn came Q and when he checked I would have liked to go up a size full-bodied, but of the hands he might check/call on the flop, many will fold to this card on the turn unless he has K9/KT or good QQ for the moving set. 88-99-TT fold, A7- 78s 67s fold… So I was short, about a third pot, she calls again.

On the J river and his umpteenth check, shovo – I had a little over 15,000 left – because I wanted him to think it over and even call me with just a pair, maybe put me on a flush draw or something .

Then at the table he said he had KJ for double but it strikes me as odd that he folded that combo… I think he had at most a KT which is a hand that can tank a lot on the river to Herocall , also with the blocker for the street.

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