Diet for a gamer? Here are the key steps to staying in shape at the table

Among the questions that arrive most frequently at the editorial office, there is a certain interest from modern players in all the discipline that governs a fundamental aspect related to poker, especially the live aspect and the resistance that long-lasting tournaments require. the power supply.

The differences between us players

There are quite a few players who have chosen to share their nutrition, which has successfully helped eliminate nutritional issues related to table performance.

Each of us reacts differently to the diets that one or the other player, pro or best friend recommends.

This means that while one player’s diet can produce positive results and performance for one person, it does not mean that the same diet is advisable for another person, or at least produces the same results.

It’s true that it must always be present from some, or almost all, common ground, but it cannot be separated from the excellent advice of WCOOP 2017 Main Event Champion Steven Van Zadelhoff, interviewed by PokerNews in 2020.

Poker and gym in my final years of work

I grinded my ass“Van Zadelhoff told PokerNews, “At the gym and playing poker! In the last few years I’ve learned a lot about nutrition and stuff like that, it’s kind of become a passion for me. I think I spent between 5,000 and 10,000 hours on this!

It is important for poker players to be strong and healthy in order to be more competitive against the average guy in an average job. It’s the same, if you want to be smarter or more successful in any other career you should prioritize your health, so I don’t think poker is any different.

Sugar, carbohydrates and processed foods

“There is definitely a need to be fit, strong and healthy. The most important thing people should know is this Fat is not necessarily bad, because naturally occurring fats are among the most nutritious foods of all. On the other hand, I’m not afraid of carbs, but when they’re in a package of processed foods, they become too palatable. That’s the main reason why we, as a society, get obese and sick because we take in too much energy.”

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“Sugar turns out to be a lot worse for our health than we’ve led to believe for the last 50 years. Fat is the sole culprit and the biggest problem now is with sugar, all those processed foods that make you overeat.”

“That’s what people don’t understand. people are fat because you eat the wrong foods, and because you eat the wrong foods, you overeat. If you adjust the types of foods you eat, 98% of the time you will stop overeating. So if you go to the gym, you don’t have to go crazy to change your body.”

can we have a beer

“The phrase ‘everything in moderation’ is a phrase I don’t really like because it’s usually used in relation to food to convince people that it’s okay to eat junk. In that case, cut away the unnecessary toxic stuff so you can focus on other things like a nice glass of wine or a beer every now and then. There’s a great social feature and it tastes amazing!

“Eats real food. This is the first step. Once you realize that all the foods you can find in nature are very healthy and will fill you up and nourish you enough, you can see what you want to eat. Your brain will be healthier and smarter in return.

“Second, focus on protein and not carbs. What works for i body builder it’s dried chicken and broccoli because with that diet you’re getting a lot of protein without the fats: energy and carbs, that’s what you need at that level if you really need to hit super high protein. But for the average poker player, that is not necessary. If you also and especially eat a very rich diet with whole foods, you don’t have to be very careful with the fat that accompanies the proteins.

“It sounds simple, but it is literally so!”

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