What a bad blow for Doug Polk, the court ordered him to pay JNandez 170,00087

A beautiful tile for Doug Polk.

As co-owner the upswing poker school, lo specialist of heads-up cash games sentenced to be compensated by the court Fernando ‘JNandez87’ Habegger for a lawsuit filed in 2018.

The Swiss professional revealed this himself with a snappy tweet.

“This thread summarizes the absurd allegations Upswing Poker made against me in a 2018 lawsuit. It took these clowns over three years, over 9,000 pages of reports and hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees to realize they should have folded preflop. ”

Let’s see what happened.

A fatal reading mistake

towards the end 2017 JNandez87 became Coach of Pot Limit Omaha for the School by Doug Polk, but a few months later in the early 2018he decided to leave the assignment.

Polk he didn’t appreciate it very (understatement): in the forum 2+2 wrote that off Contract Habegger should at least have worked for his school 18 monthsand that was it secluded to open an its earlier than expected course of Omaha, adding that the Swiss wanted to steal teaching material and customers at Upswing Poker.

Shortly thereafter, however turn around: without Polk (and his staff) noticing that Contract Signed at Swiss gave both drive off The possibility of withdraw 90 days after Signature.

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“We told our lawyer what we wanted, but for some unclear reason he included a clause allowing the parties to withdraw from the contract within 90 days – Polk wrote at the time – I don’t know why he did that, and we did it. I will not give up recognizing that this clause was in the contract.”

Despite the mistakeHowever, Polk and co-workers chose to do so attempt equally one Caused against ‘JNandez87’.

When it is convenient to measure words

Between accusations from Polk to Habegger there were also aver’s stolen the video format “play and explain” from the Upswing school.

accusation rejected firmly by the Swiss, who in a chirpof the many with whom he has Summary the affair, some posted instructional videos made by him in 2015so much earlier than his Cooperation with Upswing Poker through and through similar to those given by Polk.

Of this Story we would have known little or nothing a few days ago Charlie CarrellPolk’s bitter rival, had not published a Video on Twitter, revealing that Polk had been ordered to pay “150,000 plus legal fees” to “JNandez87.”

Probably the answer despicable von Polk (“That didn’t happen, I’ll bet on it”) did jump the fly on Habegger’s nose, prompting him to do so “Uncover Pandora’s Box” on twitter.

As noted by the Courtthe Swiss must have Polk “$18,000 for lost profits plus $150,000 for legal fees incurred.”

Based on his response to Carrel, Polk stood by his line on the matter Be silenttherefore it is not known at the moment if he intends to present himself appeal.

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