The graphics and statistics of the finalists of the Main Event SCOOP

when they were over 19 minutes The SCOOP Main Event ended at five in the morning with ‘ManInBlackk’ defeating ‘Godggod98’.

There was one before Three Way Deals who paid it back jackpot: Let’s see statistics Game of players who came to compete title at the last table from Main Event SCOOP by PokerStars.

9 – birch11

The first elimination from the final table was registered on PokerStars in 2016: To date, “betullame11” has 10,029 tournaments with an average buy-in of €14.14 and earnings of €26,344.

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8 – Manufacturing

A very durable grinder with a volume that makes you pale: ‘fabryng’ has been active on PokerStars since March 2011 and today counts the beauty of 31,775 tournaments played with an average buy-in of €9.54. The money in this SCOOP Main Event is his second largest:

The best prizes collected by ‘fabryng’ (click to enlarge)

7 – Emanuela Danieli

Joining June 2020, ‘EmanuelaDanieli’ has amassed 5,959 tournaments on PokerStars with an average buy-in of €14.03. His career also includes a good win at a Carnival Series event:

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6 – VVs Molly

Registered on PokerStars in May 2022, ‘VVsMolly’ has played in 4,074 tournaments in less than a year with an average buy-in of €13.29 and a total profit of €29,394.

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5 – gianluigi132

The fifth-placed player has been active since 2016 and has never collected a four-figure prize in the 594 tournaments played until yesterday with an average buy-in of €5.88: before the more than ten thousand euros of this SCOOP Main Event , the biggest win of ‘gianluigi132 ‘ was €355 caused by winning a €10 The Hot!


At the foot of the podium we find a player who has been active on PokerStars since February: In these two months of play, “LLUIGIXIV” has played 171 tournaments and won four-figure prizes three times. Then tonight’s exploit.

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3 – Bulgarian98

At the bottom of the podium, first eliminated after the 3-way deal that returned the prize pool, is an old acquaintance: Zlatin ‘Bulgaro98’ Penev counts 13,627 tournaments today with an average buy-in of €32.44 for one Total profit of €151,090. The beautiful graphics:

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2 – God God98

The runner-up has been a PokerStars member since 2017. Since then he has entered 1,635 tournaments with an average buy-in of €15.68 and has now won €33,001.

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1 – ManInBlackk

The winner thought the shot was pretty incredible since it was his second tournament on PokerStars! But in the past there have also been those who found the coup in the first tournament, so ‘ManInBlackk’, unbelievable as it may seem, is not an absolute record!

TO UPDATE: from what several mtt regulars told us, there was another ‘ManInBlackk’ who had been playing major tournaments for years and had dropped himself from the SharkScope database we took the screenshot from above. However, when searching other online databases, the only “ManInBlackk” result is this one. Then there are several similar nicknames but with variations on the theme (‘maninblack80’, ‘maninblack85’, ‘ManInBlackJack’, ‘ManInBlack990’ and so on).

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