Folding straight with the nonchalance of Doyle Brunson against Jason Koon in the WSOP Main Event

We don’t know if Doyle Brunson will reconsider his plans and return to the WSOP Main Event.

Certainly the good old ‘Texas Dolly’ left his mark on the last participation in 2021 in the tournament of tournaments.

We already saw its beautiful fold on day 1 with trips. Today we dive into another really big fold of his that came against Jason Koon on day two of the WSOP 2021 Main Event: Doyle made the straight!

The hand

Day 2 of the WSOP Main Event has been underway for a few hours with blinds at 800-1600 with a bb ante.

From utg, Doyle Brunson opens with a stack of 132,000 chips AJ up to 3,500. Fold the whole table to Jason Koon, who calls from the button with 161,600 stack, as does Kurshumi from the small blind with 87 and a stack of 232k.

flop 2Qk Kurshumi check, Brunson continues 7,000, Koon calls, Kurshumi fold.

turn T Brunson fires for second to 15,500, Koon calls.

Flow 3 brunson check, Koon 41,000Brunson goes into the tank and folds after just a minute.

Here’s the graph that summarizes the whole hand at a glance:

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What was wrong with Jason Koon?

Nice fold for Doyle: If he had called, he would have seen the chips go to his opponent !


Assuming there are very few mere mortals who manage to find that incredible fold with a straight in play, it’s all about Koon’s size on the river after he called Doyle’s bets two ways.

On the river in the middle of the pot there is 58,700 Crisps. There Size at 41,000 Koon knows so much about it Value. The Point Break even of Brunson’s call, for pot odds, is slightly higher than 29%.

Apparently, when Texas Dolly decided to fold, she didn’t think she was going to take the pot often enough with her straight to have a positive result long term.

But we can’t do anything with maps lift the hat and congratulate with him.

Captioned image: Screenshot of PokerGo

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